Bush Hammered Surface Textures stones

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What is Bush Hammered Surface Textures stones ?

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Bush Hammered Surface Textures stones:A pounding action that develops a textured surface. The degree of roughness can be selected.This is an ancient form of surface treating stone materials for exterior cladding and other handicrafts. The rock surface, previously formed, is struck repeatedly with a hammer (bujarda), carrying one or two heads of steel that contain small pyramidal carbide teeth (tungsten carbide).

The treated surface has small craters 1-3 mm in depth and width uniformly distributed, which add to the overall tone of the rock. It should be noted that these “bumps” on the size and density of the pointer are a factor of implementation, as is the force used and the number of impacts. In the case of very large bujardas the finish is quite rough, but usually these points are used to shape a surface.

For more details ,you can view here.

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