Flamed Surface Textures stones

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What is Flamed Surface Textures stones ?

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This process consists of a high temperature treatment to granite surfaces. A flame at 45°-degree angle is applied to the surface of the stone, resulting in a relief surface that appears rough and glassy and rustic—without appreciable change in colour.

Flamed Surface :A rough surface that is developed through intense heat. During fabrication, the stone is heated up and the crystals begin to pop, thus forming a rough surface. This surface is very porous and must be treated with Stone guard. This surface gives an irregular textured finish.

An increase in the resistance of the face to atmospheric chemical alteration is also achieved.

Process:Applying high temperatures to surfaces, using oxyacetylene burners over 2,500 º C, causes a thermal shock to the stone surface and the subsequent release of small slabs and splinters. This process is not “burned,” but achieves a high degree of protection against atmospheric agents.

For more details ,you can view here.

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