General Information
Every effort has been made to give true representation of colour in these photographs. Due to natural variation in the products, each stone and therefore each and wall will have its own unique character and appearance. It is important to view a range of samples to acknowledge the authentic diversity in colours, texture and markings.
All dimensions quoted in this brochure are nominal and are subject to manufacturing tolerance.
Stain Removal Suggestions There are various products available for stain removal in the market. Necessary safety precautions like gloves and safety glasses should be used while using the same. These products should be kept out of reach of children.
We are hereby listing some remedies for Stain removal:
Cause Remedy  

Petrol on cotton waste

Hairspray acetone  
Coffee or tea diluted ammonia  
Shoe polish petrol  
Dyes bleach  
Ink, pencil

hydrogen peroxide


solution of oxalic acid in methylated spirit

Fruit acetone  
Wine bleach  
Acrylic paint bleach  

diluted hydrogen peroxide

Water Paint ammonia  
Kindly note some natural stone pieces may contain small iron content and when in contact with water can oxidize causing rust marks to the surface of paving. There are some cleaners available in the market especially formulated for rust removal.
Maintenance & Sealers
Regular maintenance is required to keep the overall appearance of the product in pristine condition. General maintenance for internal products simply requires mopping with mild detergent to remove household dust & dirt.
We suggest use of sealers from Dupont. There are sealers available to give same appearance, semi gloss, high gloss etc. Kindly read product handling instructions carefully before using it.
Health & Safety
Some Products in our range are heavy. It is suggested that items which are heavy over 25 Kg or those that are awkward in shape should be handled by more than one person or by suitable lifting equipment. It is suggested that work gloves, eye protection and respiratory protection are used whenever appropriate.
Trading Terms.
The same is available on request.
Please Note
Our policy is of continual improvement, innovation and development and as such we reserve the right to change specification without notice. Since it is natural product its availability cannot be guaranteed forever and hence product can be discontinued if it is not available.
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