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We have spent last 10 years sourcing and processing finest materials to create a stunning range of Stone Floorings, Wall coverings and the varied experience has helped us to refine our comprehensive and dedicated service.
Apart from providing ideal stone, we also help in planning, guide to installation and maintenance.
We are more than happy to work from scaled drawings or your own measurements to calculate the quantities required, for which you have to provide us accurate measurements. Our consultants/designers would be pleased to help you create the design and look you seek from your selection of stone.
For standard products quotations are provided in 3 working days and for customized products quotation is provided in 10 working days.
Samples We are more then happy to send small product samples (postage payable), or we can provide larger samples for a nominal fee. All these charges are refundable on order.
Display Racks
We also provide Display Racks ( As in the picture) . For more details on the offer please email us at: tarun@worldofstones.com

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