Tile Edges
 Beveled Edge :
A tile with the top edge champhered, creating an angled edge.
 Tumbled Edge :
Tiles that are placed in a vibrator or a diagonal drum to produce aged and softened edges and surface.
 Pillowed Edge :
It is a round 1" or 2" edge, which give the wall covering / flooring tile a cushion or pillow like appearance.
 Straight Edge :
A tile with a sharp straight edge .
 Rockfaced Edge :
Edges are straight cut manually by hammer and chisel. preferred where edges are seen after installation such as stair cases stepping stones,pools etc.
 Distressed Edge :
Edges are hand distressed to give a natural worn out look.
 Profile Edge :
Edges are given the desired profile using profile cutters.
 Chiseled Edge :
Natural stone tiles that are placed in chain breaker to produce more chiseled effect.
 Split Edge :
Edges are split manually by hammer and chisel.
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