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5 Creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes

5 Creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes

Posted on: 22 Nov, 2021

5 Creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes

With the pandemic hitting us in 2019, we have all had our creative sides popping up. Initially, there was a lot of uncertainty and confusion, terrifying us to our cores, but with more knowledge and understanding today, we are finally starting to adjust to the current situation prevalent worldwide. The process of slowly adjusting has allowed us to shed light on our creative sides. Of course, an ample amount of time that we have now on our hands is also a factor, but majorly staying and working from home has made us look at things in a much different way. Many spare rooms have been turned into home offices or classrooms, outdoor gardens are renovated into much cozier and homey areas for the family to spend more time in. The general lack of activities outside of homes because of the pandemic has made people adjust their focus towards the things they have to change in their houses. Results of a survey conducted in the U.S from 70,000 respondents showed that the overall home renovation projects went up in the year 2020. It also stated that the amount of money spent on home renovation projects grew by 15% in the year 2020 (Berg, 2021). The growing trend of renovations has increased the demand for building materials, especially Natural Stones for both interior and exterior purposes. If you’ve decided on some renovations for your house as well, we are excited to share our 5 creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes. 

Terrace Gardens
For flooring or wall-cladding, we highly recommend the use of Natural Stones, especially for outdoor purposes. Terrace Gardens are widely famous among people living in apartments, as it brings a more relaxing and private place for you to spend time in. With the vast range of colors and textures, Natural Stones are perfect for a small terrace garden. They are great in strength and durability and are ideal for outdoor settings because of their resistance against harsh weather conditions. You can choose a traditional or a modern look for your terrace garden and get the perfect stone to match your mood. We highly recommend the ‘Autumn Brownstone’ and the ‘Sunset Buff’ stone to give your gardens a traditional vibe, and ‘Sagar Blackstone’, ‘Castle Greystone’, or the ‘Kadappa Blackstone’ for a more modern vibe. 

If you believe it is finally time for you to make use of that neglected piece of land outside your home, we would suggest using Natural Stones for the floors and designing the most perfect patio to spend your lazy afternoons in. Along with flawlessly complementing every color in the surroundings, Natural Stones give the patio a very organic look. If your patio covers a small piece of land, you can consider looking into light color palette stones, like the ‘Mint Sandstone’, but if you’re redesigning a much larger piece of land and want a more compact and intense vibe, we would recommend a darker color palette stone for your patio. You may like the ‘Sagar Blackstone’ or the ‘Kadappa Blackstone’ in this case. Either way, Natural Stones will always help you achieve your desired vibe. 

Pool Copings 
Who doesn’t love a dip in the pool on a sunny Saturday evening? 
Building a swimming pool in your backyard might always prove to be the right step towards having a relaxing, calming weekend with your family. But there are a few things you need to get right when building your swimming pool. We highly recommend using Natural Stones when it comes to Pool Copings. Natural Stones are generally frost-resistant, water-absorbent, and non-slippery, making them the perfect choice for pool copings. They come with great strength and durability and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Even with the constant interaction with water, these stones rarely ever lose color or deteriorate. The vast range of colors and textures are especially great for a visually appealing look of the backyard. 

Kitchen Interiors 
Along with being great in strength, Natural Stones are incredibly durable and if properly maintained, they can last for a lifetime. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and are very easy to lay. On top of that, there is a vast variety of Natural Stones for you to choose from. They come in so many colors and patterns that it makes it super easy for you to design your kitchen any way you like. Traditional or a Modern look? We have a huge variety of Natural stones for either one of them. Natural Stones used for countertops are great for accidental spills or other Kitchen Hazards. The quality and texture of the stones make them a great value for money as well, because as messy as kitchens can get, this material does not easily lose color, texture, or deteriorate. Plus, the smooth, polished surface of Natural Stones as countertops makes it really easy to clean up after a long messy day in the Kitchen. Using Natural stones would be the best consideration to add some luxury and magic to your kitchens.

Wall Cladding 
Along with an organic feel, Natural Stones add a touch of luxury to the area of application. Previously natural stones were widely popular for outdoor wall cladding, but with the growing trend of indoor wall claddings in today’s world, stones have further increased in their popularity. If you’re looking to add some texture, color, or pattern to your living rooms, we’d suggest you add a stone cladding. With a vast diversity of colors, Natural Stones can help enhance the overall beauty of your living rooms by adding a traditional touch, or modern and royal touch. So, here are our top 5 creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes. Feel free to add some ideas to the list in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to send us pictures of how you used our creative ways to incorporate stones into your homes. 


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