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Why we recommend using Natural Stones for Wall Cladding?

Why we recommend using Natural Stones for Wall Cladding?

Posted on: 06 Dec, 2021

Why we recommend using Natural Stones for Wall Cladding 
Since ancient times, cladding has been considered a famous building material for architecture. It sets a very regal, vintage mood for its surroundings. Previously, hard substances like wood or stones were used for cladding because of their strength and toughness, but in today’s world, there is a vast variety of substances to choose from like glass, cement, concrete, timber, metal, brick, and stones, etc. As wall cladding specifically requires toughness and resistance against harsh weather conditions, we highly recommend the use of Natural Stones. 

Natural Stones 
There are different types of Natural Stones with different properties, for example, Sandstones, or Limestone, etc. Natural Stones come in a vast diversity of colors, textures, and patterns. The incredible variety helps set any mood you prefer for your area of application, as stone flawlessly complements every color in its surroundings. Initially, when extracted, they come in huge blocks that are later carved into different shapes and sizes for different uses. Natural Stones are recognized worldwide for their strength and durability. They are Frost-resistant, Non-Slippery, and Water-Absorbent, making them the best choice for many outdoor uses. Natural Stones have been used in Patios, Terrace Gardens, Backyards, as Pool Copings, Indoor settings, Kitchen interior, and are largely popular for Wall Cladding as well, because of their high resistance against any harsh weather conditions outdoors, and their strength and remarkable durability. Above all, Natural stones are fairly easy to lay, come at a budgeted rate, and require minimal maintenance costs for them to last a lifetime. So you get value for your money as well. By giving the area of application a more organic feel, Natural Stones are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Why should you use Natural Stones for Wall Cladding? 

  1. Its Visual Appearance 
    With a vast diversity of colors, textures, and patterns, Natural Stones wall claddings are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Stones are versatile and flexible and easily adjust to their surroundings. Stonewall gives a more organic and natural feel to your area of application. It perfectly complements any mood you prefer. If you want a more traditional look for your living room, you can go for the ‘Autumn Brown’ Sandstone wall cladding. Its light color palette and warm tones give a more vintage, and traditional vibe to the area. But if you’re more into setting a modern look, we’d recommend using ‘Sagar Blackstone’ for your walls. The stone adds intensity to the area of application and helps to give the area a more compact look. 

  2. Enhances the value of your property
    Natural stones Wall claddings may easily be built at budgeted rates, but they are unique and are widely known for enhancing the overall value of your property. They never go out of fashion and will always help in making your house stand out. Natural Stones walls bring a sense of luxury with them that itself enhances the overall value of your property. Why do you think all Monuments and Castles are built using Natural Stones? Because it simply adds value and luxury to them. 
  3. Provides Insulation 
    Natural Stones are very popular for their great resistance against harsh weather conditions. They are considered ideal for weather extremities. Stone generally absorbs and stores heat. It is not only a good thermal insulator, but thick stone walls also keep out noise. If you live in a high-traffic area and are looking to keep the noise, as well as the heat out, Natural Stone wall cladding would be the best choice for you. 

  4. Is Cost-effective
    For the quality they come in, Natural Stones wall claddings have proved to be a great value for money. The walls enhance the overall value of your property and are easily built at budgeted rates. Stones are popular worldwide for their high resistance and longevity, meaning that with little maintenance, natural stones wall claddings can last for a very long time. On top of that, the initial installment of these stone wall claddings is fairly easy and can be done without any added costs of labor. With minimal maintenance costs, these stone walls can serve their purpose for a long time without deteriorating at all. Any stain marks left on the surface of these stones can simply be washed with plain water. If properly cared for, and note that these stones do not require a lot of maintenance or care, Natural Stones Wall claddings would rarely ever lose their color or texture. 

  5. Is great in Strength and Durability 
    Natural Stones wall claddings are generally known and are widely popular for their durability and strength. They have extremely high resistance against harsh weather conditions, are frost-resistant, and Non-slippery. If properly maintained, Natural Stones wall claddings can withstand all conditions and last for a lifetime. Because of the toughness of stones, Natural Stone Wall Claddings can be built in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

  6. Adds Variety 
    Natural Stones come in a huge variety. Isn’t that awesome? You can easily think of a vibe for your living room and get a stone wall built that matches your mood exactly. Natural Stones can be carved into all shapes and sizes. Plus, you can also choose between light color palette stones and dark color palette stones. Lighter colors are mostly preferred for wall claddings in areas where the piece of land is comparatively smaller. It reflects light and creates a sense of added space. On the other hand, darker tones are preferred for a larger area of application to give it a more compact look. 

The best part: No two slabs of Natural Stones are identical, giving the area more texture, colors, and variety. 
Natural Stones Wall claddings are especially great because they add color and enhance the overall exterior and the interior of your home. Wall Claddings have been popular for a long time now, and with the use of a variety of Natural Stones, they are only increasing in demand. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section down below. We always love hearing from you. 

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