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Internal Floorings

Limestone Internal Flooring Collection

Natural Paving Stones has now become a natural choice for internal and external paving requirements. The advent of technologies has improved quarrying, transit, shipping, cutting, and finishing of natural stones up to your imaginative level. World of Stones is a perfect destination where you can find ethically sourced and high-quality natural stones prepared by mingling advanced tools & technologies by experts with sophisticated skills and prolonged experiences. World of Stones is a leading Natural Paving Stones Supplier, fabricator, importer & exporter. You will find millions of square feet inventory, ultramodern distribution, and delivery networks to offer myriads of options for types of stones, colors, styles, patterns, textures, and finishing. Our natural stones are suitable for internal flooring as well as external applications such as backyard patios, treads, garden stepping, pier caps, copings, sills, and driveway flooring.

Slates and Quartzite Internal Flooring Collection

Slates and Quartzite Tiles have always been popular for use in domestic interiors. This is due to it's availability in a variety of colors, tile formats and finishes. They are durable products making it ideal to use in entrances, kitchen and other high traffic areas. These can be used effectively in the bathroom on the walls and floor.

Wall Coverings

Stellar Wall Covering Collection

You will find a stellar collection of carved stones and modular panels to design a variety of stunning spaces on your wall covering project. Designs like rock, ribbon, ruffle, cube, bamboo, rose, revere, and crushed box are nothing but seem epic games of flat lines, curves, and dots/points. These are all playing rhythms of harmonic shapes and refined wraps with our out-of-box wall-covering products.

Handcrafted Wall Covering Collection

Lotus Mural The wall is conceived like a functional and decorative element at the same time and gains light and depth. The solidarity of the stone goes hand in hand with the lightness of the lines that create some 'light and shadow' with a strong emotional impact.

Classic Wall Covering Collection

Our wave creates a stunning effect on any wall that needs to receive extra attention. It literally creates an effect as if the stone has been woven across the wall. The tiles are narrow, interlocking, surface uneven with subtle color variation which creates this amazing effect. It can be laid with easy grout-free installation.

Tumbled Wall Covering Collection

Ideal for creating natural rustic appearances, Our walling is perfect for small decorative walls, raised seats, pillars, and planters.


Limestone Landscaping Collection

The Limestone collection is one of the major types of stone used all over the world.

Sandstone Landscaping Collection

Sandstone collection consists of a huge variety of stones.

Slates and Quartzite Landscaping Collection

Slate is an exceptionally dense and durable stone. Ideal paving for the Garden and External applications. It has a very distinctive surface with a great depth of color that harmonizes with the Aesthetic beauty of nature.

Stone Crafts