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Which black stone is more durable ?

Why you should consider using Natural Stones? 
We highly recommend Natural Stones for both Indoor and Outdoor Settings because of their exceptional strength, high durability, and great resistance against harsh conditions. Not just that, Natural Stones come in a vast diversity of colors, textures, and patterns, so you have a wide variety to choose from. Plus, they can be easily carved into various shapes and sizes. Generally, Nature Stones are highly durable. They are not just vastly considered as flooring materials because of their toughness, but also for countertops, as they prevent stains, scratches, and heat from ruining their surface.  Read More

Our three most favorite Pool Coping Natural Stones

When building a swimming pool, one may wonder why he needs to invest in Pool Copings, but you need to understand how important it is. For your swimming pool to be used, pool coping is an essential requirement. Plus, it gives your swimming pool a more finished and complete look by adding a polished edge to the structure. It is greatly beneficial for keeping dirt and other debris out of the swimming pool, provides an overall cover for the pool and, is Non-slippery and frost-resistant which reduces any possible risks of slipping or sliding. Read More

Is choosing Natural stones for your home really a good idea?

There are all sorts of options for you to choose from when looking for the right material for your home. If you’re looking to redesign your patio and are confused about the flooring, you can choose between Concrete flooring, Wooden flooring, or Natural Stone flooring.  Read More

5 Creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes

5 Creative ways to incorporate Stones in your homes

With the pandemic hitting us in 2019, we have all had our creative sides popping up. Initially, there was a lot of uncertainty and confusion, terrifying us to our cores, but with more knowledge and understanding today, we are finally starting to adjust to the current situation prevalent worldwide. The process of slowly adjusting has allowed us to shed light on our creative sides. Of course, an ample amount of time that we have now on our hands is also a factor, but majorly staying and working from home has made us look at things in a much different way. Many spare rooms have been turned into home offices or classrooms, outdoor gardens are renovated into much cozier and homey areas for the family to spend more time in. Read More

Why we recommend using Natural Stones for Wall Cladding?

Since ancient times, cladding has been considered a famous building material for architecture. It sets a very regal, vintage mood for its surroundings. Previously, hard substances like wood or stones were used for cladding because of their strength and toughness, but in today’s world, there is a vast variety of substances to choose from like glass, cement, concrete, timber, metal, brick, and stones, etc. As wall cladding specifically requires toughness and resistance against harsh weather conditions, we highly recommend the use of Natural Stones.  Read More