7 Ways to Use Floral Patterns in Your Home Decor

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

7 Ways to Use Floral Patterns in Your Home Decor

Floral patterns are making a comeback. A floral design can feel fresh and modern when used in varied colour palettes, painterly printing, and against a dark background. Such styles could be challenging to adopt for people who adore florals but do not want to recall a retro appearance.

Fortunately, we have figured out how to incorporate flower prints into a modern context. Comprehending how to deal with them in terms of pattern, colour, texture, and scale is the key to success. Once this has been correctly done, you will be able to incorporate floral patterns into your home easily. You can use products like floral-patterned bedspreads, furniture, wallpaper, and vases to achieve this. Continue reading this blog to learn how floral patterns can be used in home decor.

7 Ways to Use Floral Patterns in Your Home

Focus On Scale

It is one of the most important considerations in relation to the room's overall size and the scale of the floral print. For example, if you have a floral print on your wallpaper or bedspread, the pattern will have to be bigger. Alternatively, you might have only a few little flower decorations on the headboard, indicating that they are on a smaller scale.

If your flower print is on a larger scale, you will want to keep the rest of the space simple with solid colours. This is done to ensure that the floral print does not clash with other decor items. On the other hand, smaller floral prints can be placed on comparable items throughout the area, such as cushions or vases in the same print. Such plans are ideal for kids room design ideas.

Think About Texture

Another great method to experiment with flower prints is to incorporate them into the natural texture of the space. Florals, for example, could be placed on a tufted headboard, a throw pillow, or used as a wall covering. Flower designs contain a lot of visual textures; therefore, they are a perfect choice for products that are already textured.

Another approach to employing florals is incorporating them into a monochrome room. For consistent decor, use neutral-coloured decor items in high-contrast neutral areas. You can add visual texture to your walls with our Botticino Gold Wall covering.

Pay Attention To Colours

You may usually go one of two ways with floral colour- strong and sassy or neutral. If you want to employ a bright hue, make floral decor an accent piece. For example, you could use bold floral wallcovering on one wall while keeping the other walls neutral.

Combining florals with neutral tones will help give the room a more contemporary feel. The colours from the flowery design can also be used as smaller accent pieces throughout the space. Another idea is to utilise bright flower prints in items such as throw cushions, which can serve as smaller accents.

Floral Pattern On Walls

In a modern home, a blossoming accent wall in every room could quickly become overbearing. Introducing designs similar to floral prints can provide a fresh dimension while keeping the nature-inspired motif going.

You can choose something from our Stellar Wall covering Range for the craft room. It can recall the natural aspect of the floral print while introducing a fresh style.

Orderly Patterns & Prints

Flowers are naturally organic, but arranging them into an organised grid gives them a more contemporary vibe. If you do not want the space to seem too bright, try utilising some white, black or golden floral elements.

There are several unobtrusive ways to incorporate floral decorations into your environment. These accent pieces go well with clean lines and contemporary furniture. Their contemporary geometry and colour choice will give your home or office a distinct yet pleasing look.

Make a Subtle Statement

If going all out with florals is not your thing, use a single motif as the focal point of your space. A flowery print may feel like a statement-making work of art in a sea of solids and neutrals, providing just the right amount of colour and texture to a space.

Consider combining a traditional floral motif with something surprising to create a dynamic space. Stick to neutrals for the flower or the art to achieve the appearance, or make sure there's a complementing hue or pattern to connect the two together.

Decorate With Florals

It is crucial to establish what sort of impact you want to project when using floral prints and patterns to adorn your home. Choose pastel colours and delicate designs for a new, beautiful aesthetic. Using a lot of floral patterns will give your rooms a really charming, Victorian feel, whilst going minimalist and using contrasting colours will give them a very open, modern feel.

Floral motifs and patterns are still prevalent in textile and décor cultures all over the world. Do not hesitate to mix and combine a variety of styles like onyx marble wall decor. Because if history has taught us anything, it's that flowery prints and patterns will never go out of style.

Final Word

Floral prints and patterns have dominated the fashion and décor industry for decades, and their popularity continues to grow. Florals work because of the winning blend of exquisite design and variety in colour combinations. They will keep evolving and carving out a niche for themselves in the current decor world. Floral patterns are simple to incorporate into your walls, floors, decorations, and other areas.

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