The 8 Best Office Exterior Design and Architecture Ideas

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

office exterior design

There were times when businesses and brands focused on the interior design of their office to create a comfortable and inviting environment for their employees and clients. But now the time has changed, and many businesses, even small ones, are investing in their office exterior design to impress their clients and visitors.

So, the exterior part of your office plays a very important role in defining the overall design style and creates a good impression on the clients. If your exterior is poorly designed or is not maintained well, you might leave a bad impression on your clients.

Here are some of the best office exterior design and architecture ideas to create a good first impression on your clients and visitors.

1. Invest in Smart Glass

One of the most innovative concepts for simple small office exterior design is smart glass. The electrochromic glass used to create this smart glass may change its appearance at the touch of a switch. This smart glass can do a lot more than you think. It can be configured to react to the sun to maximise heat retention or to reflect sunlight to maintain a cool environment. Smart glasses are frequently used for windows, facades, and skylights in commercial buildings.

2. Create an Outdoor Working Space

Thinking about the interior design of your office is important but it's equally important to think of your exterior space. You can bring your working space outside and create a relaxing environment to increase the productivity of your employees.

Allow your employees to work in a fresh, natural and calm environment as it will increase their productivity and creativity. Research shows that including natural elements like plants and sunlight increase the productivity of a workplace by 6% and creativity by 15%.

3. Expensive Windows is a Common Trend

Investing in expensive windows is a very common trend nowadays. Your working area has grown boring despite the large windows' abundance of natural light. You can display some originality with the window location on your building to make an impressive office building rather than using conventional windows.

One of the most unique office exterior design concepts for business exteriors is the positioning of staggering windows. When you plan to renovate the exterior part of your office make sure to keep in mind the modern commercial architecture design trends to make the most of your space.

4. Don’t Forget the Roof

The roof is one area that many business owners forget to improve or adorn. The roof is one thing that can ruin the look of your office and also creates a huge impact on the overall design of your building. So, make sure your roof is in top condition.

Many business owners overlook the fact that the roof is a characteristic that is visible from a distance but is also the one that is most exposed to the elements, despite it being rarely given importance.

Shingles can be torn off or displaced by wind, animals can take up residence, and even the blazing sun has an impact. You ought to get this region of the structure inspected by a business roofing specialist once a year. Professional roofers are able to recognise possible problems and provide routine maintenance. They might even advise you to replace the complete structure if your building is too old.

5. Wall Covering to Elevate the Look

You can elevate the look of your office exteriors by installing facade wall coverings made of natural stone. They bring a unique and modern look to your office building. You can choose from a variety of colour, design and texture options to match the overall office interior design style.

6. Allow Public Too

Making an outside area that is accessible to both the general public and employees is a fantastic way to create a stunning building exterior. You give potential customers a chance to explore your business's offerings if you designate a space where they can pause and unwind for a while. 

Your office staff and employees can use this outside area as an outdoor break room. With the aid of some wooden decking and furniture, this type of outside can be created.

7. Pick a Unique Colour Palette

Your office building doesn’t have to be always covered with a white or grey paint colour. You can break this monotony and create a simple small office exterior design with a beautiful colour palette. You can also create unique patterns with contrasting colours to add interest to your exterior walls. Apart from wall paint colours, you can also go for modern mural designs for elevation to create a one-of-a-kind impression to your clients and visitors.

8. Focus on Your Laws

If you can’t think of any creative ideas but want something unique and different, you can focus on improving your lawn area. A clean and well-maintained lawn space can attract clients and visitors to your property. You can hire someone who specialises in landscape architecture and prepare an area where your employees, clients and visitors can unwind.


Whether you have a small commercial space or a big one, these office exterior design and architecture ideas can bring positive vibes to your property.

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