7 Modern Mural Designs for Elevation - Best Decor Ideas

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

modern mural designs for elevation

Time has changed, and so have the home's wall decor solutions. There were times when people used to lay different elements or materials to bring out that elegant finish to their homes. But now, they have gone a step further by using modern mural designs for elevation. These aesthetic wall solutions are a great way to transform any space.

You will find tons of designs and patterns to choose from that improve the overall look of your home. So, if you are also looking for modern mural designs for elevation, this article might interest you. But before moving forward with the designs, let's briefly understand murals.

What is a Mural?

A mural is a piece of artwork applied directly to a wall or ceiling, resulting in a uniquely created masterpiece. A hassle-free decorative solution for indoors, outdoors, and elevation is all you need in this modern era.

Aesthetic Modern Mural Designs for Elevation

Have a look at the fantastic collection of modern mural designs for elevation. We have curated the best styles, designs, and colours that perfectly match your space. Murals are a great way to decorate your walls if you run out of natural stone wall ideas for exterior walls.

1. Bamboo Mural Design

One of the most popular modern mural designs for elevation that can bring a touch of the forest to your setting. This design is perfect for nature lovers who love greenery and soothing colours. You can use this mural design for your elevation and get mother nature close to your space.

2. Red Rose Mural Design

The traditional representation of love and passion is a rose. Especially for indoors and elevation, a towering wall of roses would set the mood. This eye-catching feature in your home won't let anyone take their eyes off it. With a premium design and rich red colour, this design will surely give your space a luxurious look.

3. Oak Tree Mural Design

This is one of the homeowners' most common modern mural designs for elevation. If you love the calming nature of trees, this handcrafted wall covering would be perfect for you. Created with a mossy green colour scheme, this oak tree mural design perfectly complements the colour of our mother nature. The best part about this design is how the leaves of this tree reach the majority part of your elevation.

4. 3D Ochre Yellow Mural Design

Viewing this Ochre Yellow Mural may appreciate the complex work of Indian artisans. It has a 3D finish, which enables you to participate in the artistic efforts made to create and develop this work of art. This mural would look great in your home elevation as well as indoors. This is among the modern mural designs for elevation that should be on top of your list.

5. Kaleidoscope Mural Design

Here's a fresh take on an age-old scene. In a new and fascinating geometric approach, the stunning beauty of a sunset is brought to life. The explosion of colour enhances a previous elevation with different shades.

One of the greatest and simplest ways to add brightness to your elevation. This style can be applied in a lively, energetic beach house or modern, contemporary apartment. The kaleidoscope-inspired effect on the wall sparking design produces a brilliant optical illusion with little effort.

6. Cherry Blossom Mural Design

As a cultural icon of Japan, cherry blossoms stand for optimism, rebirth, and the arrival of spring. Despite their brief existence, wall murals allow you to preserve these lovely blossoms in all their white, pink, and purple splendour. If you love the attractiveness of flowers, then this mural design is a perfect fit for your home elevation.

7. Leaf Mural Design

This striking and visually appealing pattern has a vintage feel because of the usage of different colours. As it has a leaf and vine print in muted tones to prevent overwhelming the eye, such a fascinating print works well in almost every living environment. It can be used to decorate every wall or as a dramatic accent wall. This mural design will make your home elevation come to life.


These modern mural designs for elevation will surely add an aesthetic touch to your space. If you are also looking to lay murals on your elevation, then you should definitely consider one of these designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have doubts and queries when discussing modern mural designs for elevation. These questions need to be answered to clear all the doubts and queries.

Q1. What makes a good mural?

A perfectly plastered wall with a smooth texture is an ideal surface for mural designs. However, smooth texture is not as crucial for mural designs, but if your mural needs a detailed design, then smooth texture is recommended.

Q2. Do wall murals look good?

Yes, definitely, murals provide exceptional wall decor solutions. You should consider us if you want the best living room wall mural ideas or elevation wall ideas.


Q3. Are wall murals in style?

Wall murals are excellent for making an immediate effect in a space, and as we've recently grown more at ease with employing vibrant colours and patterns in our homes, murals have become the most popular choice.

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