6 Best Living Room Wall Mural Ideas to Refresh Your Indoor Space

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

6 Best Living Room Wall Mural Ideas to Refresh Your Indoor Space

Wall murals transform a variety of settings while complementing the theme and style. They create a unique ambience in the space, giving it a new refreshing look. You can easily create a statement wall with them, as most living room wall murals are now removable. It is an excellent concept because decorating an accent wall does not take much time or effort.

The beauty of a mural is that you may have a large-scale design on your walls that will have you gazing at it for hours. A mural could feature anything from a blousy floral to a contemporary painted pattern, a landscape or an architectural masterpiece.

We have curated a list of living room wall mural ideas to inspire you to create an eye-catching feature in your home. Whether you are seeking accent wall ideas or completely immerse a room in a new universe, this list has everything.

6 Best Living Room Wall Mural Ideas

Whether you are looking for wall mural designs or 3d wall mural art, these suggestions will definitely inspire you! From onyx marble stone to printed wallpapers, you can get a mural made out of anything.

Traditional Textured Wall Mural

Traditional textures can give your walls a great vintage vibe. You can try an appearance that is a little less modern and inches towards soft decor. Utilise some wood wall murals to give your home a more authentic feeling. You can use white painted reclaimed wood in a french country décor setting to achieve this. This traditional design is ideal for building a wall mural for home.

Floral Rustic Wood Paneling Mural

These kinds of wall mural ideas look excellent inside a boho bedroom or on the walls of a charming old-fashioned vintage living room. Such floral panels might find their way into a rustic farmhouse's dining room. The possibilities are unlimited because the shabby chic flower pattern incorporates elements of the current farmhouse trend. Today's interior design is about finding use in the old, and this wall decal does just that. It blends a vintage vibe into the pattern design. Try this classic rustic aesthetic to bring your home into the current century.

Marble Wall Mural

Murals are not just for bedrooms; they may also look great in the living room. If you are renovating your home room on a budget, consider this mural to give your space a modern look. It looks great in all kinds of decor settings. Moreover, you do not need additional space to install this decor accent as it goes over the wall. It is among one of our top living room wall mural ideas. If you have the budget, you can ask the manufacturer to design a concept marble art for your home or office. This unique creation will make your wall one of a kind.

Bespoke Tree of Life Stone Wall Mural

Allow a soothing breeze to enter your home with one of the best wall mural ideas, a timeless tree landscape. The elements from our Tree Of Life wall mural add beauty to the space and bring a bit of nature into your reading nook. This scenario would be perfect if you were snuggled up with your favourite book in a nice chair. This print is adorable, and it would make a fantastic addition to any room. The authentic shrouded limbs of the trees provide a magical touch. This design would look fantastic against marble floors and on a brightly lit wall to reflect light into the room.

Painted Zebra Wall Mural

How can you modernise a traditional colour palette with a simple design? A herringbone pattern of hand-drawn zebra prints should do the trick! This timeless colour scheme's theatrical presentation lends itself well to making a striking statement that will make your area feel anything but cookie-cutter. The originality of this pattern has persisted the test of time, and the hand-drawn custom feature in its design integrates a modern touch. Trim out your sleek and sophisticated dining area with this black and white wall mural to show off your personality.

Vintage Blue Grey Sky with Cumulus Clouds Mural

You cannot go wrong with this serene wall covering. Whether you want to create a quiet meditation room or add a bit more depth to an existing room, this could be a perfect choice. The sky's subdued and vintage tone departs from the baby blue-hued skies commonly represented in children's films and spaces. One of the most appealing aspects of this wall mural is its ability to spin light colours to suit mature design aspects. Relax and unwind in the peacefulness of this lovely blue-grey sky living room wall mural.


A mural is a perfect way to change the appearance of your space in a short time. It is easy to install and comes with a variety of designs. Murals can be used in every room in the house, even the bathroom. They are ideal for someone who enjoys changing up their appearance regularly. Living room wall mural ideas are an excellent alternative for renters because they are simple to put and remove.
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