Granite Flooring - Definitive Guide to Strengthen Your Space

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

Granite Flooring - Definitive Guide to Strengthen Your Space

Flooring always has a significant impact on the overall appearance of a home or office. It is a one-time expense that adds aesthetic appeal by covering the entire interior area. It is essential to deeply understand choosing the best material for the flooring designs from a wide variety of materials.

If we consider lifestyle, quality, installation, finishing, and other factors, then granite flooring is one of the best choices. Granite contains a wide variety of elements, including mica, silica, feldspar, quartz, etc., which can serve to add an extra lustre to the area. It is an excellent material for home and office flooring designs across different countries.


What is Granite Flooring?

Granite is a naturally occurring stone created from igneous rocks by volcanic activity. Granite typically has a crystal structure. Granite flooring designs are well known due to their wide range of patterns and eco-friendly nature. It surpasses beauty and gives a feeling of prosperity. Compared to other materials like marble, it is often not very porous.

Granite has smooth, highly clustered, and rustic textures, making it more elegant and stylish and giving each flooring an added edge. This kind of flooring is appropriate for any room in homes and offices. Besides floor designs, granite can also be used on external sites like cladding, building blocks, backsplashes, staircases, etc. Other than Granite, you can also consider different luxury internal flooring collections to enhance the appearance of your home.


Granite Floor Design Patterns

You may choose from various granite flooring designs for your home and the place of your business, but it's essential to make the appropriate decision to give the flooring design a fantastic look. Before installing granite flooring, you must keep in mind some parameters like slip resistance, moisture level, movement frequency, colour, etc.

Check out some of the most popular granite floor design patterns you should consider installing in your home.


Vintage Granite Flooring Designs

This granite flooring is the most suggested and desired option for someone who enjoys thinking back on their younger years. It will give a unique and antique style to your house's flooring. Such a floor style brings back pleasant recollections of earlier times. Vintage granite flooring is primarily used in off-white or creamy colours. For a vibrant appearance, you can also use some warm and soothing coloured granite-like Himalayan Blue and Lavender Blue.


Modern Granite Flooring Designs

White and colder tones of granite offer your home a trendy and mesmerising feel. You must try a modern granite design to give a rich and contemporary look to your house's flooring. You can choose Kashmir white, Classic white, Andromeda white, and Vyara gold granite designs to give the best look to the flooring area. These designs make your floor look lovely without needing additional decorative items.


Contemporary Granite Flooring Design Pattern

Keeping up with the newest and best trends in home interior design has become crucial. Contemporary flooring patterns quickly become everyone's favourite because of their stunning aesthetics. Try multiple shades of brown and grey granite to make a spellbinding impression. For modern granite flooring design, you have options like Cat Eye, Paradiso Classic, Paradiso Bash, and Steel Grey.


Indian Granite Flooring Designs

Do you enjoy Indian-style residences? If so, a conventional Indian house design must be your first pick for flooring. You have a choice like warm-toned granite flooring to give a quirky texture. Colours like brown, even off-beige and yellow will be more comfortable for the bedroom and living area. You can also prefer Baltic Brown, Hassan Green, and Kashmir White granite flooring design for your home for a classic visual appeal.


Types of Granite Flooring

There are some most popular types of granite flooring that you must check before the installation.

  • Kashmir White Granite
  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Crystal Yellow Granite
  • Rosy Pink Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Platinum White Granite
  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Steel Grey Granite
  • Silk Granite
  • Ivory Beige Granite
  • Black Forest Granite
  • Indian Black Marquina
  • Flash Granite
  • Alaska Red Granite
  • Desert Gold Granite
  • Bash Paradiso Granite
  • Honey Brown Granite
  • Aster White Granite


What are the Advantages of Granite Flooring?

Here are some advantages of installing granite on your home or office flooring.


1. Durability

Granite flooring can be long-lasting due to its durability properties. This is one of the undoubted reasons behind choosing granite. Granite is one of those materials that is used for countertop work. It can easily resist scratches. While installing granite, it is essential to use the proper sealer to make it last for decades.


2. Availabilities of Different Patterns and Designs

Granite flooring is available in so many patterns, colours, and designs. You don't need to compromise while dealing with granite flooring. You can choose any granite flooring design based on your home interior work. Due to the variety of minerals it contains, granite is available in numerous forms. As no two slabs are identical, there is great potential for diverse patterns with granite flooring.


3. Low Maintenance

There is never a need for maintenance. Granite floors can be easily cleaned to restore their lustre and cleanliness.


4. Resistance to Stains

It is fully resistant to stains. You can use the granite for kitchen countertops as the split material can be easily wiped off and never gets penetrated inside if appropriately sealed.


5. Wide Range of Colours

You may get a variety of coloured granite floors that are frequently used to provide a lovely texture to the appearance of homes and offices. Some of the most widely used colours are Black Pearl Leather Granite, Alaska White Granite, White Ice Granite, White Sparkle Granite, and Blue Pearl Granite.



Therefore, granite flooring is primarily used in bathrooms and kitchens in homes and companies where the surface is frequently moist. Due to its stain resistance, granite is also used for many other countertops. Since granite tiles are a little heavier than other tiles, to install them safely on the job site, precautions must be taken. To achieve the most satisfactory results, it is advised to consult experts for the installation work exclusively.

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