7 Major Benefits of Limestone Flooring for Your Space!

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

7 Major Benefits of Limestone Flooring for Your Space!

Limestone is a natural stone that is popularly used for flooring. Its high durability, versatility, and appearance make it a perfect choice for flooring. You will never be out of limestone flooring ideas with dozens of styles and colours available.

So, if you are planning to install it in your newly built house or replace an existing one, then you might be interested in knowing the benefits of natural stone flooring. This article beautifully describes each benefit this flooring offers.

What is Limestone

Limestone is a natural stone formed by calcium carbonate (CaCO3), containing minerals like calcite and aragonite. It is referred to as a sedimentary rock. It is formed beneath the ocean's surface and is pressured, making it solid but porous. Many of you might not know, but different types of limestone available can be used for flooring.

Limestone can be a remarkably resilient flooring material that can withstand high traffic areas. Apart from this, numerous benefits of limestone flooring are discussed further in this article.

Top Benefits of Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring gives a robust, durable and sophisticated solution to your flooring. However, if you consider reading the advantages of it, then you will be on the beneficial side.

1. Cost Effective

Limestone offers a cost-effective solution to your flooring, be it for your home, office, or any other place. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly flooring solution, then limestone definitely would be on top of your list.


2. Durable

A luxurious yet durable solution is challenging to find. However, this stone flooring fulfils all your needs by being the most durable material used for flooring. You can use limestone in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or other areas. The durability it offers makes it a perfect fit for those looking for luxurious as well as durable solutions.


3. Gives an Opulent Touch

Limestone not only gives a solid and cost-effective flooring solution but also a luxurious touch to your space. Limestone's naturalness will provide your flooring a contemporary feel. No matter what colour or style you choose, you will always be getting a modern look to your home.


4. Easy to Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining limestone is effortless as you need to sweep daily or use a wet mop to wash off stains. Limestone gives a perfect flooring solution for kitchens and bathrooms as they are highly resistant to bacteria.


5. Limestone is Versatile

Limestone flooring offers versatility in terms of both style and colour. You will have limitless options when installing limestone in your space. However limestone is a natural stone with an earthy tone, but you will find different coloured limestone, including beige, white, grey, and ivory.


6. Limestone Enhances Your House's Resale Value

Limestone flooring offers an excellent benefit even when you plan to sell your property. If you have limestone installed in your space, you will be advantageous if you consider selling your property. Whether you are selling your property or not, limestone will always give you numerous benefits. 


7. Environmentally Friendly

The limestone manufacturing process is simple and short compared to synthetic tiles. Unlike synthetic tiles, limestone doesn't need large amounts of finishing process in factories keeping the environment pollution free. Limestone also offers an environmentally friendly solution to your flooring.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Now you will look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding limestone flooring. These questions might clear all your doubts and queries.


Q1. Is limestone a good floor?

Yes, limestone is a good option for floors. This natural stone can be used both indoors and outdoors. Treating it with sealers is good as they can prevent the tiles from staining, making the surface easier to clean. You can look at our limestone landscaping collection to consider for your outdoor space.


Q2. Is limestone flooring high maintenance?

The best part about this stone flooring is that it is easy to maintain. It can be used in commercial as well as public spaces. You must ensure that your flooring is perfectly installed, sealed, and waxed. The rest of the maintenance can quickly be done.


Q3. Do limestone floors stain?

Limestone is a porous stone that can be prone to staining. When acid or harsh cleaning agents are used on the floor, there might be stains. You have to take certain precautions.


Q4. Is limestone good for kitchen flooring?

Limestone flooring is a perfect solution for your kitchen as this natural stone is durable and easier to clean. It will adjust to the room temperature as this flooring retains heat. But, still, if you want added warmth, you can install underfloor heating beneath the stone.


Q5. Is limestone slippery when wet?

Limestone gives a non-slippery solution to your flooring, keeping it safe for everyone.



Now that you know all the benefits of limestone flooring, we hope that you are now clear with all your doubts and queries. You can now choose the best flooring materials for your home or office that suits your needs and budget.

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