Midnight Black Limestone - Everything You Need to Know About

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

Midnight Black Limestone - Everything You Need to Know About

Limestone is a calcareous sedimentary rock that is highly resistant, hard, compact, and fine-grained. It is commonly used for both interiors and exteriors. The Midnight Black Limestone is a black-coloured limestone with a rough-textured surface. This Limestone is firm but is easy to cut and carve into the proper shape. Because of its exceptional colour, black Limestone is frequently selected over other types of Limestone.

The black colour of this stone is remarkable, with a consistent hue that complements every type of furnishing. The rich black colour of freshly quarried stone fades to a charcoal grey in natural sunshine, but it always returns to jet black when wet. This stone looks exquisite under natural light and is perfect for homeowners looking for a modern look.

Uses of Midnight Black Limestone

People looking to create sophisticated deep black flooring can opt for Midnight Black Limestone. It is one of the few natural stones available in a dark black colour. Its colour makes the stone ideal for flooring. This rock can also be used for a variety of other purposes like-

  • Countertops
  • Walling
  • Stone Art
  • Staircase Steps

Apart from these, this Limestone can also be used to design several features in your garden or any other outdoor space. It is popularly used as base flooring in offices and corporate buildings. Apart from private uses, this stone has been widely used to pave numerous public spaces in the UK and US. This highly durable stone works well with both contemporary and classic designs.


Why Should You Choose Limestone Over Tiles?

Limestone is, without a doubt, the most adaptable stone. It is a fantastic alternative for carving intricate sculptures or considering work of more challenging nature, such as pool coping. Here are three reasons why midnight black limestone tiles are a good choice for your next project.


Without a doubt, Limestone is the most adaptable stone. Hundreds of limestone types are available, ranging from soft and fine-grained goods to incredibly durable materials. Limestone is an excellent choice for carving elaborate sculptures or undertaking more challenging projects like pool coping. We'll go over four reasons why limestone tiles are a perfect choice for your next project in this piece.

Aesthetically Appealing

Limestone is a popular tile choice because of its natural beauty. This natural stone is sought after for flooring and walls because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. Limestone comes in various colours and patterns. Because it is a natural stone, it will readily blend in with any design style you choose for your home, whether traditional or contemporary. Natural stone has a timeless elegance and warmth that no other material can match. Tiles made from midnight black limestone slabs can be used to produce a beautiful rustic aesthetic or a timeless, modern look that never goes out of style. It offers a striking mix of deep black tones, which weathers nicely to grey tones, with a subtle natural texture.

Highly Durable

If you do not want the riven look of sandstone but want a flatter, more smooth finish, then Indian Limestone is a good choice. Because Limestone is a natural stone formed from sedimentary rocks, it is tough and resistant to wear. There are various benefits of natural stone flooring that make it an excellent choice. They are easy to walk on and have a reasonably soft feel. The durability offered by midnight black limestone is one of the reasons why homeowners and designers prefer it.

Midnight Black Limestone Exterior Designing

Natural stones for your home, such as Limestone, provide you with the freedom to choose the design you want for your home without sacrificing its beauty and sophistication. The Midnight Black Limestone by World of Stones is available in several finishes. You can use different limestone finishes, including aged, cathedral, river-washed, satin, and suede. These finishes are ideal for various applications. They can be hand-cut into thick slabs and cobbles. Whatever you decide, it will be excellent. 

This versatility offered by Midnight Black limestone allows us to make different features from the same slab. A few of them are listed below.

Black Limestone Circles

Limestone Circles come in a wide range of colours and finishes, ranging from the laid-back aesthetic of Yellow Limestone to the sleek uniformity of Black Limestone. Traditional schemes benefit from classic colours and materials that lend timeless elegance or rustic warmth. Black limestone circles complement a contemporary garden look while lending due elegance to the space.

Black Figurines

Several kinds of stone figures can be carved out of black slabs of Limestone. Due to their Limestone like properties, these statues will be intricate but easy to cut. The black stone will give them a striking look. Several famous sculptures made out of black Limestone can be found in South India.

Garden Features

Midnight Black Limestone could be a valuable addition to your garden. You can use it for various purposes like black paving, wall cladding, waterway designs, and other garden elements. Making pier caps and sills from midnight black limestone could be a great idea if you created a distinct landscape out of dark paving stones.

Wall Cladding

When used as cladding, the midnight black limestone transforms your ordinary wall into a piece of art. The Classic Wall Covering Collection gives your wall a sophisticated look, and the colour & texture of the stone offer unmatched beauty to your space.


Limestone is probably the most adaptable stone. Whether carving intricate statues or considering more demanding work, such as pool coping or black stone paving, Limestone is an excellent choice. There are hundreds of limestone types like midnight black limestone to choose from. They range from soft and fine-grained products to other materials with extremely high durability. 


Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions regarding midnight black limestone that might clear all your queries and doubts.

Q1. Does black limestone fade?

Black Limestone might fade as time passes by. However, there are various ways you can bring back that beautiful black shade of your Limestone, including sealing, cleaning, and restoring processes.

Q2. Does black limestone paving get hot in the sun?

Yes, darker, especially black shades absorb heat that makes the slabs too hot.

Q3. How do you keep black Limestone clean?

Cleaning your midnight black limestone might be challenging at times. However, to clean tough stains using cleaners is recommended. Daily cleaning is a must to keep your Limestone away from any stains.

Q4. Can you pressure wash black Limestone?

External black Limestone can be pressure washed, but you must be careful not to hold the lance too closely to the surface. Because black Limestone is a soft stone, you might use a turbo nozzle to mark the surface.

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