How to Clean Mosaic Flooring - 5 Essential Ways

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

mosaic flooring

The kitchen, bathroom, entryway, and pool are a few areas in your house where mosaic flooring can offer dimension and elegance. Apart from this, it provides your space with a traditional yet modern look.

However, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the beauty of this flooring. Mosaic floors tend to get dirty quickly. So, you need to keep your flooring clean and protected from deterioration. Moreover, if taken proper care of, you can keep your flooring away from any stains and dirt.

If you are looking for some easy home remedies to clear mosaic floors, this article is a perfect place for you. We've discussed the crucial methods for protecting your floor.

However, mosaic can also be used as wall coverings. You can check the unique Mosaic Wall Covering Collection to decorate your room.

1. Cleaning Just After Installation

Perhaps the most crucial time for cleaning is just after you install your mosaic flooring. Your area might contain too much grout, dust, or other debris, which could scratch or damage the surface. 

After installation, clean the area properly to avoid residue from ruining the appearance of your mosaic floor. The hardest material to remove is grout, so take care when doing so. Avoid using acidic cleaners since they might fade grout. There are many grout-removing products available that can be used to wash off all the remains on the surface. However, make sure you only deal in the quality product.

2. Using Soap Water

A simple and easy way to clean the surface is using soapy water. You just need to scrub the surface with a brush and soap water. Pour clean water to remove the soap water from the surface. Mop the entire flooring to have a cleaner look. Once the surface is dry, apply wax polish on the surface and clean it with a clean cloth. If you are unsure if this will clean the surface, you can test the whole process on one slab and see the results. However, if you have installed mosaic in your bathroom flooring, cleaning becomes easy as there won't be any dust or tough stains.

3. Using Acid

Mosaic flooring can be cleaned with acid. Make sure to dilute it before using it. One cup of acid must be mixed with 80 parts water. You might end up damaging your flooring if the solution is too strong. Your floor may suffer negative impacts from Acid. It must be utilised at a modest level.

4. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is also effective in cleaning mosaic flooring. First, mix the baking soda with water and apply the mixture to the surface. Wait for 15 minutes to dry. Rub the surface of the floor using a brush. You will see all the dust and stains coming off the surface. Once you are done rubbing the entire surface, clean it with water. Resulting in a clean surface again.

5. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is the standard means of cleaning mosaic flooring. Because of how mosaic floors are made, dirt and grime are easily trapped, and using a brush or broom might worsen the situation. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface. For effective cleaning of filth, use a brush or dusting attachment as it removes particles from in between the tiles. If you don't have any of these attachments, you can vacuum the dirt once it has been loosened with a broom or brush between the tiles.


These are some of the ways and tips to keep your mosaic flooring clean. However, make sure you clean the surface on a regular basis to avoid any stains. Doing so will keep the flooring in better condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions with their answers help you better understand mosaic flooring.

Q1. Is mosaic flooring expensive?

The installation process of mosaic flooring is relatively cheap. However, make sure that you maintain the flooring properly and clean the surface on a regular basis.

Q2. What is the difference between terrazzo and mosaic?

Terrazzo is a combination of glass, natural stone, or marble chips. On the other hand, mosaic is made of squares of marble or glass cut in different shapes and sizes to create a beautiful design.

Q3. What is the cost of mosaic flooring?

The cost varies with the size and design. However, the rate of this type of flooring can range from INR 35-40 per square foot or maybe more than that.

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