9 Types of Wall Texture Design [Easy DIY Techniques]

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

wall texture design

Got sick of those plain and simple walls? Want to add some wall texture design?

Consider reading this article if you are looking for different types of texture design that increase your room's dimension and visual interest. You should consider bringing in texture throughout an entire room or on a single accent wall. Only painting the walls with different colours won't bring that depth to your space.

We've brought together some of the best and most modern wall textures that will spruce up your entire room. You can choose any texture design according to your style, taste, and the room's environment.

1. Skip-Trowel Wall Texture Design

The skip-trowel wall texture is similar to the knockdown design. The difference is that in this texture, you will use a skip-trowel to apply the mud to the drywall by hand. The texture is achieved by applying drywall mud with a curved-blade drywall trowel and skipping it across the surface. You can vary the ratio of smooth to rough areas to achieve the texture of your style and taste. Once you are done applying the texture, you can place some great wall mural art to enhance the look and feel of your home.

2. Orange Peel Wall Design

This wall texture design is one of the most common designs used by many homeowners. Orange peel wall texture helps your drywall look unique and beautiful with orange rind patterns. This type of wall design needs spraying with a suitable tool, or you can use a roller with a thick nap to get the desired texture. A very thick nap roller is rolled over the surface to get the desired texture. To create this texture, you should use drywall mud and water, and the mixture is applied with a compressor & sprayer.

3. Sand Swirl

This texture design is a combination of sand spray and comb technique. Using a thick bristle brush, create swirls in a symmetry, row, or rainbow shape. You need to make these swirls before the mud gets hard. The sand swirl texture gives a softer and more subtle finish, and the best part about this design is that it is easy to maintain and restore.

4. Knockdown Wall Texture Design

This is among the easiest wall designs that can do wonders for your room. Knockdown design can typically be used to adorn the walls of Mediterranean interior design style properties. This texture design starts as orange peel walls and later, with one extra step, gives a more stucco-like finish to your walls. However, if you want to create this design on your walls, you are required to clean and prepare your walls with a quality primer. Then spray a mixture of water and drywall compound to create dimpled textures on your walls.

5. Popcorn Wall Texture Design

This type of wall texture design is generally used to cover uneven ceiling tiles and other flaws that cannot be easily repaired. However, you can also use this texture for your walls. Due to its thickness, this texture comes with the additional benefit of dampening sound. Popcorn wall texture is made up of a mixture of small polystyrene chips and drywall compounds. The mixture is then mixed with water that expands the texture, creating a popcorn-like texture on your walls.

6. Rosebud Wall Texture Design

This type of wall texture is usually found in the home's exterior wall, where imperfections are more visible. The name suggests that this wall texture consists of rose patterns with a centre bud. To achieve the rose pattern on your walls, spray the mixture using a brush in a circular pattern over and over. However, this wall design is not easy to achieve, but it would be a great texture technique to hide imperfections and give a visual appeal to your walls.

7. Comb Wall Texture

This is another classic, easy-to-achieve wall texture design created using a toothed trowel on a wet drywall compound. You can achieve a wall texture of your style & taste, and it depends on how you comb the walls. You can skip the rainbow-like texture, as it is one of the most common wall textures used by many homeowners. You can complement this texture with different luxury wall coverings that you can hang on your walls.

8. Crow's Feet Wall Texture

This wall texture can be achieved by applying a stone brush technique to create patterns on your walls that resemble crow's feet. However, you need a specific type of brush to accomplish this type of texture on your walls. Not many people find this texture ideal for their homes as this is one of the messiest wall texture designs. However, if you want this texture to look good on your walls, you can limit the use of crow feet patterns and have a decent yet modern-looking texture. 

9. Slap Brush Wall Texture

Slap brush is another wall texture type that is easy to achieve. This texture can be achieved by rolling on a drywall compound and slapping the surface with a drywall texture brush. This is where this texture gets its name, slap brush. The best part about this wall texture is that you don't need to achieve a perfect or symmetrical texture. Create varying patterns and asymmetrical lines that overlap each other. You can create a feature wall with this texture and complement it with interior wall cladding on other walls.


These are some of the best and most unique wall texture design ideas you can incorporate into your house to add depth to your walls.

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