What Type of Rock is Marble: Understanding this Natural Stone

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

what type of rock is marble

Marbles are one of the most popular stones used in homes, offices and other places. This natural stone is used in flooring, bathroom and kitchen countertops to enhance the beauty of that place. We can say, Marble is a synonym for luxury and sophistication, with limitless options and colours to bring that aesthetic tones you want in your area.

But a question that has been revolving around for years, but not many have talked about it, is: What type of rock is Marble?

We know all your concerns, so we are here with this article. All your questions and concerns regarding the type of Marble will be resolved. Along with it, you will also get some other important information about this natural stone. So, keep reading this content till the end to fill your knowledge bag.

But before answering the question, let’s deep dive into the formation process of Marble.

How Is Marble Formed?

The formation of Marble occurs due to a change in limestone subjected to intense pressure and heat. Marble contains various minerals, including pyrite, clay minerals, iron oxides, micas, graphite, quartz, etc. But majorly, this natural stone is the composition of calcite and dolomite.

Metamorphism is the process that is involved in the formation of Marble. In this process, the calcite is recrystallized in the limestone, resulting in the rock formation that leads to the combination of calcite crystals.

After the formation of this natural stone, the extraction process starts. This involves the execution of Marble at the quarries where the efficient sourcing and carriage operations are carried out by professionals using highly sophisticated equipment.

After the extraction process, big Marble blocks are sliced into smaller sizes using special tools like a stone crusher, drill, hydrobags, diamond wire machine, etc. Furthermore, these blocks are cut into slabs or cubes to be utilized effectively and then sent for storage on heavy-duty vehicles. After slicing the blocks, the natural stone is examined by experts to ensure quality and other factors for further use.

What Type of Rock is Marble?

You might have studied in your school; there are three types of rocks: Metamorphic, Igneous and Sedimentary. Metamorphic rocks are formed due to the high heat and pressure. So, Marble is a Metamorphic rock. As discussed earlier, this natural stone is formed with recrystallized carbonate minerals, i.e. dolomite and calcite.

Now that you know the answer to the question: What type of rock is Marble? Let’s discuss the types of marbles available.

What are the Types of Marbles?

If you plan to install Marble in your place, you must know all the types of this natural stone. The countless styles and colours of marbles available on the market help you decide on the best natural stone for your needs.

Let’s look at the types of Marbles:

1. Onyx Marble

Concentric zones of calcite or aragonite deposited by cold-water solutions in caves, cracks, and at spring entrances make up Onyx Marble Stone. This marble stone is one of the most premium and elite semi-precious stones available.

2. White Marble

White Marble is considered to be one of the most popular choices for flooring in homes, offices or any other place. However, certain points need to be considered before installing white marble flooring in your place. We have a detailed article on White Marble Flooring that will be helpful if you are planning to install marble flooring.

3. Green Marble

Green Marble is another great option if you want to improve the overall appearance of your home. It is considered the hardest type of Marble in the world as it has a high serpentine content.

4. Black Marble

You should fall in love with Black Marble if you are a black lover. This natural stone will give your flooring a far better look than any type of Marble can give. So, if you plan to renovate your office or house, black Marble should be on top of your list.

5. Red Marble

Red Marble is a particular variety of reddened limestone. Similar to how brick or wallpaper might be laid, this stone is frequently used for walls and floors and normally comes in thin tiles. Marble powder is often used to create this type of Marble, dyed to the desired colour.


Marble is a great option if you are planning to renovate your place or want to install it for your new office or house. It is that type of natural stone that can’t be ignored and is always on top of everyone’s list. So, if you want to buy Marble, you should consider World of Stones. You will get high-quality marbles in various sizes and designs to fit all your needs.

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