10 Fantastic Ideas to Use Decorative Stone in Your Landscaping

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

10 Fantastic Ideas to Use Decorative Stone in Your Landscaping

Landscape arrangement is the key to creating an amazing outdoor escape, whether you have a small courtyard in the city or a large estate in the country. You can use beautiful stones to construct trendy garden designs or build a formal sitting area in your outdoor space. The former entails enhancing the landscape and hardscape's aesthetic by strategically adding decorative stone pebbles.

Natural stone pebbles can blend in with their surroundings, making them suitable for any design or style concept. Not only that, but their great selection of colours and applications are making them increasingly popular in landscaping and outdoor living.

10 fantastic ideas to use decorative stone in your landscaping

Soil Cover

Pebbles provide well-balanced coverage and add a fantastic colour element to neglected and uneven corners, crumbling pathways, and unsightly and undesirable lawns. You can also place pebbles on top of a weed mat to give it a new look. If you are designing a walking area with pebbles, it is better to utilise 20-30mm pebbles with a 50-70mm depth of cover.


Pebbles are a terrific method to dress up drains or grates while still allowing water to flow freely. Cover grates on spillovers or strip drain without impacting drainage and water movement to provide contrast and texture to pavement areas. These decorative stones also hide the drain chambers and the other regions that you do not want to see but need to function correctly.

Tree Base

You can use pebbles to design the base of a tree in your yard or garden more visually appealing. Fill the empty area up to the tree trunk with pebbles; after evening out the ground around the tree with decorative stones, surround the tree with bricks or huge rocks. Apart from providing the tree base with a decorative stone edge, pebbles also help prevent weed growth around the roots. It allows the tree to grow better without additional help.

Garden Mulch

Pebble mulch can last a lifetime! You can use pebbles as mulch in garden beds. This arrangement protects the soil from erosion, sunshine, and weeds. Pebble mulch works best where composted organic mulch is not available. It is most suited for native and dry gardens.

Zen Rock Garden

Zen gardens have gained immense popularity in the past few years. Originally, they were used as quiet places for Buddhist monks. The monks utilised these areas to meditate, ponder, and still their minds. Zen gardens now serve a dual purpose for homeowners. You can employ it as a fashion statement or use it the traditional way for meditation and other activities.

Sand, pebbles, finely crushed gravel and water elements are commonly used to create a Zen garden. Inspirational artefacts such as stone sculptures are also a common sight in Zen gardens. Using darker colours, such as a lower border of flat rectangular stones arranged among smooth pebbles, can add a better visual interest to the area.

Pot Plants

To give texture and colour to the surface of pot plants, cover the soil with pebbles. Decorative stone pebbles are a great way to transform your pots, jars, and troughs. They also prevent inquisitive domestic pets from digging up dirt as a bonus.


Pebbles are an excellent technique to make an underwater environment. Varied sizes can be used to create a ground cover, hills, and boulders inside the aquarium. Using contrasting colours to highlight plants or elements can help provide interest or define spaces. Bio-chemical properties present in certain kinds of pebbles also help filtrate your aquarium water and keep your pets healthy.

Yard Art

Using stones for decoration, you can create a chequerboard effect, a little maze, or large circles on the grass. Form patterns in a section of your lawn and outline them with pebbles to create an eye-catching, mystical scene. You may also use pebbles of all shapes, sizes, and colours to build footprints or flowers. These decorative stones can also be used alongside walkways and between stepping stones to create a gorgeous walking area.

Outdoor Living Area

Pebbles can also be used to create an astonishing outdoor living space by laying down a pebble ground cover and matching it with benches, tables, and loungers. This permeable paving solution is ideal for garden areas and lawns where you do not want to implement a permanent natural stone or porcelain paving solution. If the pavement is non-compliant, this can be an excellent technique to attain the necessary hard/soft ratios.

Multi-Textured Pathway

Pebbles can be used to fill in and define a walkway or pathway. They work well with stepping stones. You can add texture and movement to the path by blending pebbles with other types of natural stones. Choose a stone that matches your steppers for consistency or contrasts with the walkway or pathway to draw attention to the region.


Garden pebbles are a fun and creative hobby to install or use in your own home. You must follow a precise protocol to ensure that everything is completed correctly. If you do not know how to deal with pebble arrangements and do not have a lot of innovative ideas, it is advisable to hire an expert to assist you.

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