What Are the Pros & Cons of Using Granite for Flooring in India

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

What Are the Pros & Cons of Using Granite for Flooring in India

Floors encompass a large portion of the house and should never be overlooked. Whether you are building a new home or remodelling an old one, using granite for flooring can significantly benefit you. Granite flooring has an evident function in the interior design of any room. The quality of the granite stone used for flooring can improve the appearance of your area and make it more appealing.

A wide range of materials, such as porcelain tiles and natural stones, can be utilised for residential flooring. These are all excellent choices, but granite flooring is fantastic if you want the most lasting alternative to creating a high-end look. Granite tiles and slabs infuse every area with a sense of grandeur and sophistication. However, it has its pros and cons, which are listed below-

Advantages of Using Granite For Flooring


Granite flooring is a popular choice among homeowners and businesses who expect a high volume of foot traffic. The use of granite for flooring produces a royal modern and traditional aspect. Not only are they strong by nature, but anyone choosing granite will have a wide range of durable and aesthetically beautiful options.

Variety of Shades

There are many granite flooring options to choose when finding the perfect floor for your space. White Granite is the most popular of them all. Look for Gold Granite Tiles if you want a cream-colored tile with grey veining and tiny, deep crimson flecks. You might also choose Tan Brown Granite tiles as the best granite for house flooring in India. It includes waves and swirls of red and brown pigment that are all intermingled.

Resistant to Stain, Heat & Scratches

Granite is a tough stone that can tolerate incredibly high temperatures. Because of this characteristic, granite is ideal for kitchen counters, flooring, and barbeque grills. It is an excellent choice for the area beneath your sink or stovetop since it resists stains better than marble or other common flooring materials. Granite stone can survive spills and splatters, resulting in cleaner-looking flooring tiles. This guarantees that your stone flooring looks great even after much use.

Easy Maintenance

Consider utilising granite if you want a clean house but do not have a lot of time. Because granite is resistant to filth and stains, it will be easier to maintain granite countertops or stones than other materials. Best granite for flooring can last a lifetime and be used in business and residential settings if adequately cared for.

Disadvantages of Using Granite For Flooring

Granite Tiles Are Heavy

Because granite tiles are heavy, some flooring may not hold their weight correctly, resulting in improper slopes. A one-square-foot granite floor tile with a depth of 0.75 inches may weigh roughly 12.8 pounds, while an average granite slab with a depth of 1.25 inches could weigh around 18 pounds.

As a result, a kitchen floor space of 300 sq ft will have to carry roughly 3840 pounds of weight. So, if your home's construction is relatively ancient, think twice before installing granite flooring.

Difficult Installation

Granite tile installation is a bit complicated and requires experienced professionals' services. Its weight is one of the factors that makes granite for flooring installation difficult. The tiles are too heavy for most people to carry, let alone install.

Time Consuming Maintenance

Though granite floor does not necessitate much maintenance, if it is required, it takes a long time. Granite is chemically sensitive and highly delicate. As a result, its maintenance must be carried out with caution. You cannot use harsh chemicals on granite flooring as there is a possibility that they might damage the floor.

Why is Granite Considered The Best Flooring in India?

Granite is the finest choice if you want a natural stone that will add a feeling of majestic elegance to your home for decades to come. While it is more expensive upfront than most other granite flooring options, it will pay for itself in terms of durability, thermal performance, aesthetics, and enhanced property value. Moreover, Granite floor tiles are ideal for pets because they can lie comfortably on the floor to stay cool and calm during the hot summer months.

This type of flooring is very hygienic because it does not gather bacteria or pet dander. As a result, you can rest assured that you will have a cooler house and a cleaner and allergy-free environment.


Granite flooring is suitable for usage in wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. This type of flooring is ideal for both business and residential areas due to a number of characteristics. The stone comes in both a bright and a smooth finish. You can easily find the best granite colours for living room or any other space. Granite countertops are both scratch and stain-resistant. So, look into all the possibilities accessible in the market and select the best one that best meets your needs.

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