Top 5 High-Quality Natural Stones for Outdoor Settings

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

Top 5 High-Quality Natural Stones for Outdoor Settings

The global pandemic has made us appreciate Outdoor settings so much that even taking out 15 minutes from your day to sit outside on your garage or your terrace garden feels like nothing less than a blessing. Surveys have shown that around 55% of the U.S. population have invested in their outdoor gardens and spent time gardening and caring for their lawns. (Jackson, 2021) 

Not surprising, is it? 

Although staying at home because of the pandemic has drastically affected our social life and our outdoor activities, working from home, and less travel time has given us an ample amount of time to invest in other fun activities at home, like gardening, or redesigning your kitchens and lawns, that wasn’t possible in the past. 

So, if have some time on your hands and are considering setting up an Outdoor setting for you and your family, you’re at the right place for some awesome recommendations that we’d love to present. We won’t be taking too much of your time; we’re just really excited to recommend our Top 5 High-Quality Natural Stones for the perfect outdoor setting. While you decide on the vibe, we’d love to suggest some of our favorite natural stones. 

Why we recommend using Natural Stones for outdoor settings

When considering redesigning an outdoor space, you would want a high quality, durable material that can last for a lifetime, and so we recommend using Natural Stones because they are not only highly durable, and great in strength, they also require little initial investment, minimal maintenance costs and are proven to be a great value for money.

Natural Stones are great for any season and harsh weather conditions, and rarely lose color, or deteriorate. Not only that, Natural stones come in a vast diversity of colors, patterns, and textures, are easy to lay, and can be carved into all shapes and sizes. They add color and enhance the overall exterior of the house by giving it a more natural, organic feel as they flawlessly complement the foliage and other colors of nature around them.

Our top 5 recommendations 
After extensive research, we’ve finally picked out our Top 5 recommendations of High-Quality Natural Stones for Outdoor Settings. 

Autumn Brown Sandstone

Autumn Brown Sandstone is a type of Sandstone that comes in shades of earthy browns, yellows, and light greys. As the name suggests, this material adds a warm tone to your chosen area. Although the color palette compliments indoor settings as well, it is mostly used for outdoor gardens, backyards, and patios.

The best part: no slab of Autumn Brown Sandstone is identical, each slab is unique in its way with distinctive textures and colors. The flawless, smooth, and shiny finish of the Autumn Brownstone is perfect for when the sunlight hits its surface early in the morning and spreads it all around the front of your house, giving a whole majestic vibe. With a broad range of colors and great quality, Autumn Brown Sandstone is also a great value for money, as it requires minimal maintenance to last for a lifetime. 

Mint Sandstone

Our second most favorite Sandstone is the Mint Sandstone. Mint Sandstone is a type of Sandstone that originated from India. It comes in shades of greenish yellows, browns, and beiges. The subtle color palette blends in flawlessly with both indoor and especially outdoor settings, giving the area a much brighter and more glamorous look.

Mint Sandstone does not cost a lot for the quality it comes in and can be considered a great value for money. Each slab of this sandstone comes with a naturally unique grainy texture and color.

If properly maintained, Mint Sandstone can last for a lifetime. We believe that if you’re more into the ‘boho’ vibe, Mint Sandstone would be the perfect choice for you. It is not only popular for being stylish, but also for its great strength, durability, and tough texture against harsh weather conditions. 

Sagar Black Sandstone

Unlike various other Sandstones, Sagar Black Sandstone comes in shades of charcoal greys and blacks and is used extensively for outdoor purposes, like paving and landscaping. It is originated from North India and is widely used across the globe.

The color palette helps to give the chosen area a grander, luxurious look and massively compliments other natural outdoor tones. If you’re looking to redesign a large piece of land, making it more cozy and compact, Sagar Black Sandstone would be the perfect choice for you. 

Tandoor Yellow Limestone

Our fourth most favorite recommendation for outdoor settings is the Tandoor Yellow Limestone. Similar to various other Limestone, this stone comes in shades of pale yellows, browns, and subtle greens. The texture and the color it comes in adds an extra royal touch to the area of application. 

Tandoor Yellow Limestone is popular worldwide and is massively recognized for its durability and strength. It is frost-resistant and never loses its color if properly maintained, making it a great choice for outdoors. If you’re looking towards a more traditional look for your veranda or patio, we cannot stress enough how perfect this stone would be for you. 

Castle Greystone

Our final most favorite outdoor stone is the Castle Greystone. It comes in shades of both light and dark greys and blues, giving the area of application a more royal touch. It is a unique, aesthetically appealing natural stone with a riven finish. It is majorly recognized for being great in strength, highly durable, frost-resistant, and Non-slippery, making it widely popular for Pool Copings.

The light color palette is great for smaller areas as it creates a sense of added space and brightens up the area of application. Are you tired of your boring, old exteriors? It’s high time you take it up a notch with our Top 5 High-Quality Natural Stones for your outdoor settings. We hope our suggestions prove to be useful. Don’t forget to leave your feedback down in the comments. 


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