Make Your Patio Look More Spacious with These Stones 3 Natural Stones

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

Make Your Patio Look More Spacious with These Stones 3 Natural Stones

Everyone loves a small, private patio where they can spend some time alone or with their friends and family, a place where they can just relax and be at peace. We believe a patio should be big enough to host small gatherings, but shouldn’t take up too much of the land that it becomes hard to maintain. You do not necessarily require a large area for your patio and so, if you’re looking for the right stones to make your small patio look more spacious, we’ve got you covered. 

Why choose Natural Stones for your patios?

Ask yourself: What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when designing your patio? Is it the initial investment, the cost of maintenance, or the aesthetics that matter the most? 
Using Natural Stones is the best option to consider for your patio. They are not only highly durable and inexpensive but are also easy to lay and maintain in all seasons.

In addition to that, you won’t ever find two identical slabs of Natural Stones as they come in a vast diversity of colors, patterns, and textures. The natural beauty of each slab only contributes to the aesthetics of your patio. So if you’re deciding whether to use Natural Stones for your patio or not, we’d recommend you do because they come as the answers to all your questions. 

Our Top 3 stones to make your patio look more spacious

Once you have decided on using Natural Stones, we now come to the decision of what specific stone to use that suits your patio perfectly. If your area of application occupies a small piece of land, it is probably best to consider our top three picks: The Buff Sandstone, Kota Brown Limestone, and the Castle Grey Stone. 

Buff Sandstone

Buff Sandstone is a certain type of Sandstone that comes in shades of light browns, creams, and caramel beige. This color palette is comparatively lighter than other sandstones and helps to brighten up and creating a sense of added space to your small, dark corners in your houses. The light, earthy color of this stone reflects light and helps in making your small patio feel much larger and more open. It perfectly complements other soft colors in the surrounding. Unlike other dark-toned sandstones that add dimension and intensity to the area, the soft color palette of this stone helps in creating a sense of space and openness and adding brightness and light to your area of application. 

Kota Brown Limestone

Kota Brown Stone Cobbles is a type of Limestone that comes in shades of pale browns and yellows, giving the area a much lighter tone. It is a very popular limestone and is widely used because of its ability to be carved into all shapes and sizes easily. Once polished properly, it becomes very smooth and shines like a mirror. The soft, subtle color palette, texture as well as the surface of the Kota Brown Stone helps reflect sunlight and creates a sense of added space, and enlarges your area of application.

Castle Grey Stone

Castle Grey Stone comes in shades of both light and dark greys and blues, giving the area of application a more royal touch. It is a unique, visually appealing, and aesthetically pleasing natural stone with a riven finish. It is majorly recognized for being great in strength, highly durable, frost-resistant, and Non-slippery. 

Why do we consider this amongst our top three stones? 
The light color palette with soft dimensions added by different shades of grey is great for smaller areas as it creates a sense of added space and room to your area of application. The stone is widely recognized for being great for outdoor uses. The name of the stone speaks for itself. Doesn’t it make you think of something grand and magical? It does to us because The Castle Greystone surely adds richness and extravagance to your patios. By properly adding layers to your patio, this stone can add both luxury and openness to your small patio.  

Adding life to your patios

If you’re reading this, you must have picked one of our top 3 stones that best suits your patio. It’s now time for you to add some color and life to your area. So, you have made up your mind on giving your patio a soft and subtle look, with light-toned stones to create an additional sense of space, you can now easily decide on pairing that up with some wooden furniture and even give your patio an overall ‘Boho’ look. Add a splash of color by planting your favorite plants. We would recommend the ‘Butterfly week’, as it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and what more would you want than to spend a relaxing morning with chirping birds all around you?

Would you consider adding some variety?​​​​​​​Tropical plants would perfectly lift the entire look of your patio. Adding a variety of plants will not only make your patio aesthetically pleasing and picturesque but will also prove to be environmentally friendly. 

Do you know why we picked these three stones: Buff stone, Kota Brownstone, and Castle Greystone as our Top 3 stones to make your patio look more spacious? 
Because all three of these stones flawlessly complement every possible color in the surrounding, be it the browns of the wooden furniture, or the greens and yellows of the tropical plants, or even the pinks and reds of the flowering plants- it all comes together beautifully. 

After extensive research, we are convinced that our top 3 stones would be amongst the best options to consider if your patio occupies a small area of land. With proven strength and durability, all three of these stones are Frost-resistant, Non-slippery, and require little maintenance to last for a lifetime. The soft and subtle color palette of these three stones is ideal for your small patio as it helps in creating a sense of space, openness and gives a brighter, more capacious look to your patio. 

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