5 Best Pergola Designs With Roof To Create A Stunning Garden Feature

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

5 Best Pergola Designs With Roof To Create A Stunning Garden Feature

Everyone recognises a pergola; they are typically made of wood but can also be made of sturdy stones, with four columns supporting a slatted top. They add shade, structural definition, and a sense of privacy to any outdoor space, making them ideal for seating areas. Such areas can be easily transformed into a garden bar or kitchen. However, when it comes to pergola designs with roof, there are numerous options that are available. 

Yet, before learning more about these pergola designs ideas, it is essential to know what exactly they are. Start from the basics as we take you on a delightful journey in this blog.


What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is a wide-open, wall-less structure with four support beams and a fancy roof design, such as a lattice. Unlike other backyard accents, Pergolas do not typically have a protective roof because its primary purpose is not to shield the users. 

You can install screens on the walls and roof of your pergola to provide shade and protection against natural elements. People are often searching for pergola designs with roof to find the best way to cover the open area of their pergola during harsh weather conditions. 

Pergola Designs With Roof


Stone Pergola

A stone pergola is a classic choice that looks fantastic with complementing outdoor decor. However, if your space is prone to temperamental weather, a bit more shelter overhead may be in order.

Consider purchasing some climbing plants to create a canopy of fragrant blossoms around your stone pergola and on the pergola designs with roof. Roses, jasmine, and honeysuckle are ideal for a romantic, cottage-garden look and will add a touch of romance to any outdoor seating area or pathway. You can also make a stone pergola look more spacious by using natural stone paving beneath it.

Fabric Covering

Most homeowners choose water-resistant materials to add a layer of protection to the space below from the sun and rain. Such pergolas are made out of long-lasting fabric stretched across the rafters. You can choose to install a simple fabric or a printed material to suit the aesthetic appeal of your place.

The biggest problem with this pergola designs with roof is that water, dirt, and debris can cause mould or mildew to grow on the cloth. This is often impossible to remove, necessitating the installation of new panels.

Retractable Canopies

Retractable roofing is a practical and modern pergola designs alternative since it gives you the full pergola experience while also allowing you to retract the roof as if it never existed.

It begins as a full-roof pergola, shielding greater regions from the elements. This option is also available in motorised variants, which means you will not have to perform any manual effort every time you want to relax in your pergola. Such a setting is extremely useful if you are looking to shelter a hot tub or comfy sofa from the weather. 

Steel Pergola

People living in cities with harsh weather conditions can also opt for steel pergolas. Such pergolas last longer compared to other materials but are not so popular due to their appearance. You can get the steel structure painted or covered in some other material to make it more attractive. But many of such options are not sustainable and hence not recommended.


You can design and install an overhead framework made of bamboo canes to give your pergola a rustic look. If you install the pergola on a pathway, these canes could be fixed over trees instead of stone pillars. Over the years, the branches from these trees will crawl on the bamboo net and make a green shade over the pathway.

Such features could give your garden or backyard a distinctly natural feel. You can create a unique pergola designs attached to house using bamboo and other natural material.

Pergola Designs With Roof: What Should You Choose?

There is an elegance to pergola designs with roof. More importantly, they provide function and durability, the latter of which heavily relies on the material of the roof.

Choose what is best for you based on the weather conditions in your area. Stone, for example, is one of the best materials suited for pergola roof designs. It fits almost every kind of design. These can be useful because they can be easily illuminated with recessed spotlights and support other design ideas. A Pergola coupled with natural stone flooring can also provide aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.


Design is about more than simply creativity; it's also about common sense. Consider how often you will be using your pergola and at what times of the year when choosing a roof. The best option for your home is determined by your particular design aesthetics and what you require for maximum functionality. However, if you choose to install a stone pergola at your home, consider World of Stones to get the best quality and roof pergola designs.

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