8 Innovative Pergola Ideas with Roof to Elevate Your Space

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

pergola ideas with roof

Are you looking for the best pergola ideas with roofs? Want to spruce up your outdoor space with a pergola?

If so, this article will help you create a dream outdoor space using different & creative pergola roof ideas. Pergola roofing holds power to transform your space and protect you from sun, rain and different weather conditions. It allows you to enjoy the lovely weather outside without having to worry about anything.

The best part about pergolas is that they enable you to host garden parties and family gatherings or spend some quality time with your loved ones. So, if you want to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space, incorporate our innovative pergola ideas into your home.

However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when incorporating these ideas. You should consider durability, weather resistance and aesthetically pleasing looks. Also, make sure that material you choose should blend perfectly with your overall design scheme.

1. Add a Natural Roof to Your Pergola

Adding a pergola with a natural roof is one of the most pleasing ways to adorn your outdoor space and have a relaxing time. Invest in the climbing plants to create a canopy of beautifully-fragranced blooms. In addition to providing protection, you may add a lovely finishing touch by training fast-growing blooming vines or climbing plants up the supports of the pergola. Choose one of the best evergreen climbers if you want a live pergola roof that is present all year.

2. Invest in an Adjustable Pergola Roof

You can go for an adjustable pergola roof if you want something adjustable. This is one of the best pergola ideas with roof that allows you to open the roofing panels and enjoy the lovely weather outside. You can also close the roofing panels depending on the weather. The cool grey steel and aluminium frame are perfect for modern settings. Finish the chic setting by adding a contemporary sofa and a sleek coffee table. You can also add extra large planters for your outdoor setting to bring a natural vibe.

3. Go for a Beach Theme

You can turn your outside area into a beach-like setting with this pergola design. Despite being more enclosed than a classic pergola design, it will undoubtedly keep you cool during the hottest part of the summer. When combined with light decking, the white colour maintains the area airy and bright. It would be a great retreat for a shaded hammock or daybed.

4. Bring a Rustic Look with Bamboo Canes

You can make gorgeous-looking bamboo roofing by hanging bamboo canes over the tops of deciduous trees. As the trees develop, their fresh growth and luscious foliage will be directed across the walkway to form a green cocoon. Installing bamboo canes as your pergola roofing will give your area a more rustic appearance.

5. Pergola with Glass Protection

Consider covering up your natural stone pergola with glasses if you want to give your outdoor space a luxurious feel. This will not only give protection to the structure and also offer a charming space to unwind.

6. Remote Control Roof for a Contemporary Touch

Consider a remote control roofing system for your pergola, which provides a stylish poolside area for relaxation and entertaining. You can build a roof with rotating blades that can be adjusted to provide the right amount of shelter and LED lighting that provides a warm glow. If you want to be sure that the structure can be used outside all year long, a larger structure with solid side panels would be more useful.

7. A Louvred Roof Can do Wonders

A louvred roofing system, one of the more attractive pergola roof designs, combines sophistication and usefulness in equal measure. Louvred blinds are a highly durable alternative for pergola roofs, and they operate on a motorised system that makes it simple to manage when and how they open and close.

When used with a contemporary, monochrome pergola, louvred pergola roof ideas offer a sleek finish that offers you complete control over the light and shade, even though they might not fit with a more rustic pergola design. If you use this style for your outdoors, make sure it matches your outdoor wall tiles.

8. Try Decorative Screens to Add a Bold Statement

Pergolas can benefit from additional shade from coverings and screens, but they can also gain charm. With pink and white pillows, bench seating, and plants on either side, this little area already stands out, but the leaf print screens truly make it stand out.

The screens can be set at the top of the pergola or fastened to walls, as shown above, to provide shade and magnificent shadow patterns when the sun shines. You can also install these pergolas inside your home to add more depth to your interior design.


These are some of the best and most creative pergola ideas with roofs that will enhance the look of your home. It will always bring a bold statement whether you install a pergola inside or outside your home.

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