9 Unique Outdoor Wall Tiles Design for Your Exteriors

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

9 Unique Outdoor Wall Tiles Design for Your Exteriors

The exterior is the first thing everybody notices in your home, determining what to expect from the inside. So, choosing the best outdoor wall tiles design becomes essential to enhance the look of your home. Choose the exterior wall tiles that perfectly match the ambience of your home and reflect your style.

If you are unsure about the best tile design, you should consider reading this article. We've listed the best tile designs for your exterior walls to make your home stand out.

1. River Stone Tile Design

If you love the natural look, but at the same time you want a glossy finish, consider installing river stone tiles. It is one of the contemporary choices for outdoor wall tile design. With different shapes, sizes, and colours available, these tiles will give a mesmerising and unique look to your outdoors. Make sure you choose the colour and pattern that matches the style and ambience of your home.

2. Cement Textured Tiles Design

You can use cement-textured tiles to bring an industrial look to your outdoors. This outdoor wall tiles design for outside house is perfect for those who love to get a vintage yet modern vibe to their space. However, these outdoor tiles are not so popular in Indian houses. But they are definitely worth giving a try.

3. Printed Outdoor Wall Tiles Design

If you love the quirky and colourful designs on your walls, you should consider installing printed tiles for your outdoor walls. These tiles are the perfect alternative to Moroccan tiles if you want a budget-friendly walling solution. Whether you use ceramic or porcelain tiles, printed ones will always give you the desired results.

4. Mosaic Wall Tiles Design Outdoor

Mosaic tiles create a unique touch to your outdoor space. These outdoor wall tiles for outside houses bring a natural finish and smarten the area. The best part about these tiles is that they are easily customizable so that they can perfectly reflect your taste and style. These tiles are ideal for exterior walls, swimming pools, and internal floors. Mosaic flooring provides a non-slip property, making them an excellent outdoor choice.

5. Asymmetrical Stone Tile Design

Asymmetrical shaped outdoor wall tiles design brings a stunning and natural look to your exterior walls. This design might look a bit boring and basic. But once installed on your walls, they create an eye-soothing effect. These wall tiles are highly resistant to quick temperature changes. So, they are the perfect walling solution for your outdoors.

6. Brick Stone Tiles Design

If you love the exposed brick look on your walls but also want to add a contemporary touch, consider installing brick stone tiles design. These outdoor wall tiles give your walls a rustic, earthy feel if you have plants in your home.

7. Abstract Outdoor Wall Tiles

If you want to give an edge to your outdoor wall, consider installing abstractly designed tiles. These tiles will grab everyone's attention and be your home's focal point. You can either use one colour palette or multiple shades to bring out that elegant and contemporary look.

8. Moroccan Tiles for Outdoor Wall

For lovers of colour and design, Moroccan outdoor wall tiles design is a perfect choice. You must ensure it goes with your home's taste, style, and ambience. You can either go for the Moroccan tiles having a sober colour with minimalist patterns, or you can choose the mandala patterned tiles.

9. Stone Cladding Tiles Design

Natural stone wall cladding tiles are the most preferred tiles for outdoor walls. These tiles have a flawless finish yet a simplistic ambience to your space. However, many natural stone walling solutions can spruce up your exteriors apart from these tiles. You can choose to install either the narrow pattern tiles or mid-sized natural stone tiles. With various styles, patterns, and colours available, you can create a dream space of yours.


These are some of the best outdoor wall tiles designs that you might consider for your exteriors. But remember, before choosing any tile design, make sure the tiles are durable, robust, and match your style and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding outdoor wall tiles design that will clarify everything.

Q1. Which tile is best for an outdoor wall?

The exterior part of your home is where you expect frequent weather changes. So, you want a durable material for your outdoor walls. Whether you go for natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, make sure they are durable, robust, and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Q2. Can you tile an outside wall?

Yes, you can directly install tiles on your existing concrete walls. If you want your tiles to last for decades, make sure you deal in quality materials and get the installation process done with professionals.

Q3. Is tiling exterior walls a good decision?

You should consider if your budget allows you to tile your outdoor walls. Outdoor wall tiles offer durability, robustness, and aesthetically pleasing looks.

Q4. Can you tile an outside concrete wall?

Outdoor wall tile can be installed directly on the concrete tiles. This will provide a durable and robust walling solution for your exteriors.

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