10+ Modern Kitchen Tiles Designs & Ideas Suggested by Experts

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

modern kitchen tiles design

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of your home and adds soul to your entire space. So, it becomes essential to concentrate on the beautiful visual appeal of your kitchen interiors. But with countless modern kitchen tiles designs, choosing suitable wall tiles can sometimes become daunting.

So, keeping this intention in mind, we've come up with this article. Here, you'll find the best tile ideas and designs to spice up your kitchen walls.

1. Mosaic Wall Tiles for Kitchen

Mosaic patterned tiles are one of the most popular choices of wall tiles design among many homeowners. These modern kitchen wall tiles add a subtle statement to your kitchen. You can find different mosaic tiles, including mini mosaics, hexagonal glass mosaics, basketweave mosaics, gold grid mosaic tiles, etc. So, choose the ones that fit best with your taste and budget.

2. Monochromatic Tiles Design for Kitchen

If you want to give your kitchen some dimension and character, consider investing in monochromatic-designed tiles. This modern kitchen tile design will transform your kitchen walls into beauty. Remember that this tile design will make your kitchen look smaller. So, if you have a large kitchen area, investing in this tile design is recommended. But still, if you want to install it, don't fill your kitchen with decorative elements. Keep your kitchen minimalistic if you're going to install monochromatic tiles.

3. Glass Finish Tiles for Kitchen Walls

Glass finish tiles are the preferred choice for kitchen walls as they are easy to clean and maintain. This modern kitchen tiles design adds sparkle and illuminates your kitchen walls. These tiles maximise the light and are ideal for small or dim kitchens. You can prefer installing high gloss porcelain tiles for your kitchen walls to light up your space. The best part about glass finish tiles is that they allow you to design a glamorous kitchen even if you use plain and simple patterns.

4. Moroccan Tiles Design for Kitchen Walls

Do you want your kitchen to look colourful and vibrant? If so, Moroccan design would be the one that will suit your taste and style. They are sought-after modern kitchen tiles designed to have beautiful kitchen interiors. You'll enjoy working in your kitchen with these gorgeous wall tiles.

5. Hexagonal Designed Wall Tiles for Kitchen

If you love the uniqueness and, at the same time, you want a minimalistic look, consider installing hexagonal-designed tiles. You can use different coloured hexagonal tiles to create unique yet simple patterns. But make sure you avoid using too many colours, as this might ruin the look of your kitchen's interiors.

6. Wall Cladding for Kitchen

One of the most unique and modern kitchen tiles designs for your walls is the cladding. You can invest in these wall coverings to bring a sophisticated touch to your kitchen walls. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, wall cladding protects your walls from heat, stains, and other damage.

7. Asymmetrical Kitchen Wall Tiles

Sometimes playing with improper and asymmetrical patterns can make a lot of difference. You can install asymmetrically patterned wall tiles in your kitchen if you have the guts to experiment. These create unique designs on your walls. If you are unsure if these types of modern kitchen tiles designs will work in your space or not, you can take help from an interior designer or a professional.

8. Kitchen Wall Tiles with Modern Art

If you can experiment with the out-of-the-box thing, consider investing in a modern kitchen tiles design that resembles contemporary art. Simple designs might be tedious sometimes, and when you are looking for a long time, choosing the design that reflects your style becomes essential. Bring out the artist inside you and experiment with these tile designs.

9. Floral Patterned Tiles for Kitchen Walls

Floral patterns always look good on your walls, floors, or elsewhere. These floral patterns not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also give a symmetrical look to your kitchen walls. This modern kitchen wall tiles design is popular among many homeowners.

10. Geometric Designed Kitchen Wall Tiles

Geometric pattern creates an eye-catching look to your kitchen interiors. These tiles perfectly complement the contemporary cabinets in your kitchen. You can choose from various colours, patterns, and textures to create a chic environment.

11. Realistic Looking Kitchen Wall Tiles

This is another trending and modern kitchen tiles design that will spruce up your kitchen. Go for the realistically looking printed tiles to match the environment of your kitchen. You can go for those with any food item or kitchen item printed on them.

12. Go For Chequered Kitchen Wall Tiles

When you think of a chequered pattern, black and white are the colours that first come to your mind. But there is no compulsion to use black and white colours. You can play with different colour combinations and create your chequered patterned modern kitchen tiles design. However, if you want a retro look, you can go for the black and white chequered pattern.


These are some of the best modern kitchen tiles designs that spice up your space. Make sure you go with your kitchen's style, taste, and ambience.

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