Best Terrace Floor Tiles | Important Factors to Consider

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

terrace floor tiles

A terrace is a place where the entire surface is exposed. So, many people prefer tiling the surface for better aesthetics. If you are planning to renovate your house or buy a new one, you can't ignore the value a beautiful-looking terrace offers.

Choosing the best flooring materials becomes extremely important to maintain the overall appearance of your home. There are tons of terrace floor tiles available to add a beautiful touch to your space. So, if you want to know the best materials, consider reading this article till the end.

But before moving forward with the various options, you should first consider reading some essential factors for your terrace floor tiles. Terrace flooring is crucial since it determines the building's general health. If the terrace floor is appropriately planned out, water and excessive heat won't be able to seep in. This will assist in keeping the structure in good shape for an extended period.

So, if you also want to keep your terrace in good condition, consider the below factors before buying the flooring tiles.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Terrace Floor Tiles

There are specific needs and criteria for terrace flooring that set it apart from other types of flooring. When installing the terrace floor, there are a lot of factors to consider. These factors are worth considering if you want to maintain the overall appearance of your terrace and home. If these points are not adequately considered while installing the terrace flooring, it could lead to significant issues later.

1. Choose Suitable Tiles

One of the most important factors to consider while installing terrace floor tiles is to choose suitable ones. Choose the tiles that are specifically designed and created for the terrace. Otherwise, you might have a cracked surface within a few months.

2. Tiles Should Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

The terrace floor must withstand everything, including severe sunlight and intense heat in the summer, bitter cold in the winter, and rainwater in the rainy season. Terrace floor tiles are severely exposed to each of these seasons, whether summer, winter, or rainy. Therefore, tiles that can withstand both cold and heat are advised for terrace flooring. They should be cold and heat-resistant if you want your terrace floor to last for years.

3. Stain & Scratch Resistant

This is another important property that you should look for in the terrace tiles. Your tiles should be able to resist stains & scratches to maintain the beautiful look of your terrace. Along with that, choose the tiles that are easy to clean & maintain.

4. Choose Tiles According to Your Style

Your terrace is getting a complete makeover as you renovate it. Choosing terrace tiles with an old-fashioned style and feel might not be a good idea. Select patterns, colours, and textures that go well with your home's overall style. You can even incorporate different rooftop garden designs to enhance the look of your terrace

5. Tiles Should Have an Anti-slip Property  

You should consider choosing anti-skid terrace tiles so you may enjoy the area without being concerned about falling off during a monsoon or when water is accidentally spilled around.

Best Terrace Floor Tiles Options

Here are the best tile options you can choose for your terrace. Make sure you consider all the above factors before selecting any tile option.

1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the best tiling options you can choose for your terrace floor. They are created at a very high temperature and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can make unique terrace flooring in your space with different colours, textures, and patterns.

2. Marble Tiles

Marble flooring tiles are one of the most durable and robust materials for terraces. The grooves between these tiles must be filled with a cement, sand, and gravel mixture once they have been installed. After the mixture and tiles have been placed on the terrace, a machine-assisted proper grounding and sanding are carried out. This procedure is carried out in two to three cycles to give the floor the necessary finishing.

3. Vitrified Tiles

Another one of the strongest tile options for a terrace is vitrified tiles. These tiles are durable and robust and do not fade quickly. They are waterproof tiles with different finishes, including rustic, matt, etc.

4. Stone Tiles

Stone flooring looks fantastic, as any natural stone would look. If you want the same benefits and look as that of natural stones, you should consider installing stone terrace floor tiles. They are available in various shades to blend in with every style.


These are some essential factors you should consider while installing terrace floor tiles. However, taking help from a professional is mandatory if you want the best results. Choose the tiling option that suits your budget and style.

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