Best Rooftop Garden Design Ideas To Transform Your Roof Into A Haven

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

Best Rooftop Garden Design Ideas To Transform Your Roof Into A Haven

Modern rooftop garden design has gained popularity with the increasing land cost and the inability to maintain lawns. Such green spaces are also commonly called terrace garden or kitchen garden. Rooftop and Terrace garden designs are most popular amongst people living in apartments and flats as they do not have a private garden in the building otherwise.

Rooftop gardening has been undertaken for as long as there have been roofs. For years, city people have tucked plants on roofs and fire escapes. Green roofs, which are covered in soil and plants, have been around for a long time. We seem to always be yearning for more space, no matter how much land we have, and rooftop gardens of various kinds are becoming increasingly popular in both residential and business settings. They are a great way to grow an array of plants and vegetables without worrying about not having a garden or backyard.

What is a Rooftop Garden?

A roof garden is a man-made green outdoor space on the topmost level of residential and commercial constructions that is essentially a garden on the rooftop of a building. These lush regions, which are made up of various plants, contribute to improving the appearance of a building and have other benefits.

Having a rooftop garden was often associated with novelty and affluence until the twentieth century. The first green roofs were built and placed in homes and businesses in the 1970s.

More residential owners and building architects are opting to establish rooftop gardens due to today's congested urban environments, which have less green space.

Types Of Plants Best Suited For Rooftops

Clear the way for implementation once you have conceptualised your rooftop garden. Consult your builder or contractor to see whether your roof can withstand the weight of the soil, containers, and other items. Install barriers such as fences and small shelters to protect the plants from falling objects if tall buildings are around.

Gardening on a roof is similar to gardening on the peak of a mountain. We prefer plants that are more bottom-heavy than top-heavy to avoid them being blown over in strong winds. For this reason, most evergreens, as well as multi-stem and weeping trees, function well. We also aim to stay away from plants with huge leaves, such as elephant ears, which are readily destroyed by the wind. Finally, to establish if you should use plants for full to part sun or largely shade, we propose estimating the total number of sunlight hours the space receives per day.

What Features Can Be Incorporated Into A Rooftop Garden?

Roof garden design elements play an essential role in defining the overall look of your garden. It determines how one uses space while allowing the designer to creatively express the user's personalisation. There are various elements that would require your attention. Terrace garden paving is one of them. As many cities only allow installing a limited percentage of wooden paving, it is imperative that you would need to go for other flooring options.

While planning and setting up a rooftop garden design, choosing Natural Stones for your flooring would be the best option. It will give you an earthy, natural feeling that a garden must-have. Natural stones come in a vast diversity of colours, surface textures, and patterns. They are inexpensive, can be carved in all shapes and sizes, and are easier to lay than other man-made materials.

Best Natural Stones for Modern Rooftop Garden Design

Here we will discuss about Raj Blend Sandstone and Midnight Black Limestone. With their high durability and strength, these two types of natural stones are our favourite for modern rooftop garden designs.

Raj Blend Sandstone

Raj Blend Sandstone is mined in the Rajasthan state of India. Its distinct patterns, textures, and colours add beauty by giving the stone a more natural, earthy feel. It comes in various shades of subtle greens, greys, and browns giving your terrace garden design a more traditional look. It is considered ideal for a small rooftop garden design.

If you want a stone that is low maintenance and requires little investment, Raj Blend Sandstone is for you. It is one of the most beloved sandstone because it offers both quality and value for money.

Besides being a good value for money, Raj Blend Sandstone gives your garden a more traditional touch through its warm tones and rough textures. It is also comparatively lighter than Limestone and some other natural stones.

Midnight Limestone

Midnight Black Limestone is a polished black surface stone from World of Stones. It is mainly sourced from the 'Kadapa' city of South-Central Andhra Pradesh.

This black coloured stone is specifically for people who prefer a more compact, intense look for their terrace gardens. It complements the plant colours and textures around it. You can pair it with wooden furniture to offer a more traditional outlook.


While caring for plants in a rooftop garden is similar to caring for plants on the ground, there are a few rooftop quirks to be aware of before you start hauling your pots outside. For many city dwellers, a rooftop garden is an investment in peace of mind that can provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment. 

A good rooftop garden design will help you use the space better. Using suitable quality materials, you can decrease maintenance costs and increase the life of your garden.

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