Tiled Swimming Pool - Tile Types and Factors to Consider

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

Tiled Swimming Pool

Want to get your swimming pool ready for summer? Looking for the best type of tile for your pool?

If so, here’s everything you are looking for. Below you will find the different types of tiles for your swimming pool to help you choose the ideal material. Apart from the different types of tiles, you will also find the important factors to consider when choosing these tiles. So, there’s a lot more to learn through this article.

Constructing a tiled swimming pool requires you to install quality as well as safe materials as you will be in contact with the surface of the swimming pool. Plus, you need to create an aesthetically pleasing look with your swimming pool tiles so you and your guests can enjoy a lovely time in your pool. But before diving into the different tile types, let’s consider reading the important factors.

Factors to Consider for Swimming Pool Tiles

When you are considering a tiled swimming pool, you need to choose the right type of material. You should consider the below important factors when choosing tiles for your swimming pool.

1. Quality and Safety

Quality and safety should be your priority when you consider a tiled swimming pool. As swimming pool tiles are exposed to water, sunlight and heavy foot traffic, the type of tile you choose should withstand the different conditions. Apart from this, they should also have an anti-slip property so you and your family can have a lovely and safe pool time.

Quality materials might look a bit expensive, but they will save a lot of your money on maintenance and care.

2. Consider the Area Where You Are Tiling

When you are choosing tiles for your swimming pool, consider the area you want to install them. Whether you want to install the tiles for your coping, decking, floors, walls or waterline, make sure the type you choose should withstand different conditions.

However, some tiles are made for a specific application area. So, make sure to choose them wisely and get them installed in the right area. Mosaic flooring is one of the best and most popular choices of tile type for pools. Apart from being functional, mosaic tiles offer an aesthetically pleasing look.

3. Think About the Maintenance

Another important factor when you consider a tiled swimming pool is maintenance. You don’t want to end up cleaning and maintaining your pool daily. So, make sure to choose the tiles that require little maintenance. Also, ask your supplier about the best way and best products to clean your pool tiles with.

4. Colours Do Matter a Lot

The colour of your tiles matters a lot when it comes to swimming pools. It sets the mood and gives a relaxing vibe to your pool area. If you have an indoor pool, you can consider matching the colour of your swimming pool with the overall interior design of your home. If you have built a swimming pool in your outdoor area, you can consider selecting light-coloured tiles.

What Type of Tile is Best for Swimming Pools?

Choosing the right type of tile becomes crucial for a safe and lovely time in your pool. When you look for the best pool tiles, you have countless options to choose from. So, make sure to choose the tile that satisfies the above-mentioned factors.

1. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been the most popular choice of materials for swimming pools. They are extremely durable, robust and can withstand different conditions. Along with this, there are many colour, design and pattern options available that will suit every style, be it contemporary or traditional.

2. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are also among the popular choices of material for a tiled swimming pool. These types of tiles, especially in blue colour, represent aqua life and offer a calming effect to your space. However, there is no compulsion to install only the blue-coloured tiles. You can choose any colour according to your style and budget.

3. Glass Tiles

A glass tiled swimming pool offers elegance to your space. They are made from recycled glass to produce a clean and sparkling look. So, glass tiles are environmentally friendly as well as durable and non-porous making them one of the preferred choices of material for swimming pools. However, the installation of these tiles is a bit tough and takes a lot of time. So, if you are patient enough, you can go for these tiles.

4. Natural Stone Tiles

For a Mediterranean or traditional architectural style in your backyard sanctuary, natural stone tiles work best. They have a textured feel that melds flawlessly with other organic landscape components.

For a seamless appearance, stone tiles can also be installed on the patio and deck. Sandstone, slate, travertine, flagstone, and bluestone are the materials available for stone pool tiles. Stone tiles need to be sealed every few years because they are porous, in order to avoid stains or water damage.

5. Brick Tiles

Brick tiles are as durable as other types of tiles. However, when you talk about the look, you may not get that modern appearance but brick tiles will surely give your swimming pool an elegant finish. These are commonly found in red colour. But you can go for different colours as well.


When you have these factors in mind, you can easily build a strong and durable tiled swimming pool. You should also talk with your tiles exporter or a professional when installing tiles for your swimming pool. They will properly guide you with the right type of material.

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