Vitrified Tiles: Different Types of Floor Tiles with Benefits

by Key Crops on Apr 20, 2023

vitrified tiles

When renovating your house or constructing a new one, flooring is essential in providing value and style to your home. You have to have the best flooring material installed in your home. So, vitrified tiles are among the most popular and trending flooring tiles that can be used in residential and commercial areas. Durability and low water absorption make vitrified tiles the ideal choice of flooring material.

However, there are numerous varieties of vitrified tiles for every price point and design preference. We've discussed the different types of vitrified tiles and the advantages of each one of them. So, look at this article if you're interested in learning more about the various tile types. Choosing the right tile for your home would be simpler for you.

1. Double Charged Vitrified Tiles

You can quickly identify with the name that this type of vitrified tile consists of two layers, making it a significantly thicker option than other types. Double-charged vitrified tiles are the ideal flooring material for both commercial and residential areas. During manufacture, two different pigments are used in the top layer to produce a dual-coloured pattern. These vitrified tiles are thicker than regular tiles, making them appropriate for places with high foot activity.


These are the benefits doubled charged vitrified floor tiles offer:

  • Durable and can be used in a variety of areas
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile

2. Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Glazed vitrified floor tiles are the best choice if you want a budget-friendly flooring solution and an alternative to marble or granite flooring. Glazed vitrified tiles are also known as GVT tiles or digital vitrified tiles. These floor tiles are finished with a glazed surface. With different patterns, designs and textures, it increases the beauty of your floor.


Discover the benefits that will let you know why glazed vitrified tiles are one of the best floor tiles:

  • Wear resistant
  • Durable
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Versatile
  • Low Maintenance

3. Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Full-body vitrified tiles have a consistent colour over their entire body. They work well in areas where there is a possibility of high traffic. These types of vitrified tiles come in glossy and matt finishes. They are ideal for both commercial & residential areas and are used in malls, metro stations, offices, etc. These floor tiles provide an aesthetically pleasing look and offer various other benefits. If you don’t want to install stone flooring or any other natural stone flooring in your home, you should consider these vitrified flooring tiles as an alternative.


Have a look at the benefits of full-body vitrified tiles that will surely make you pick this type of floor tile for your next project:

  • Durable and can last for years
  • Stain and Scratch resistant
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Resistant to acids and chemicals
  • Uniform colour throughout the body

4. Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles

Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles are ivory-based tiles, and the design of these types of vitrified floor tiles is printed using liquid colour screen printing. After being heated in the kiln, the tile material absorbs the soluble salt to paint the design on the tile. After the screen printing procedure, the tiles are smoothed out and then covered with a nanomaterial coating.


Check the list of all the benefits soluble salt vitrified tiles offer:

  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stain resistant

5. Nano-Polished Vitrified Tiles

Nano-polished vitrified tiles are made using a layer of liquid silica applied on the tile's surface to fill the nanopores. Thus, giving it a smooth look and feel. These floor tiles are ideal for dining rooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


Once you install these floor tiles in your space, you will get many benefits which are discussed below:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Water repellent, i.e., no water can seep through these tiles
  • Stain resistant
  • Robust, i.e., it can withstand high foot traffic


These different types of vitrified tiles are available in the market at a very reasonable price to enhance the beauty of your place. So, consider any floor tiles that suit your budget and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand vitrified floor tiles in a better way.

Q1. What is meant by vitrified tile?

Vitrified tiles are a mixture of silica and clay with low porosity and are a great alternative to granite and marble flooring. Vitreous surfaces are made by mixing clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica; these surfaces are then hydraulically crushed to produce vitrified tile.

Q2. Are vitrified floor tiles good?

Vitrified tiles are ideal for flooring if you want a budget-friendly solution. They are durable, robust, and can withstand any weather condition. These tiles can last for around 12-15 years if properly maintained.

Q3. Are vitrified floor tiles waterproof?

These tiles are impervious to water; thus, they are the perfect choice if you are looking for a waterproof flooring solution.

Q4. Are vitrified tiles slippery?

Vitrified tiles are slippery when wet. In addition, they are not environmentally friendly because producing these tiles requires a significant amount of energy and produces carbon dioxide.

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